Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday O Sunday!

Sunday is generally practised as a holiday almost everywhere in the world. However, it is to be noted that for a woman there is no such thing like weekend or holiday.  She has to be on run even when it's Sunday. Now,  since husband is home,  kid is not going to school, you are not required to work on assignments, the weekend seems just perfect.  Wooh wait! This is just not yet over.  You have to arrange wardrobe,  washing, ironing,  organising drawers, closets. cook,  getting stuff in place for big Monday. Play with kid, air with her and revise week's tasks, yeah her how to play with weird clay dough and the cold may want to have some crash course in painting right away.  So, uni have to be all set mentally that weekend is going to be a huge unique sort of working day.

This gruelling task of shortlisting priorities,  lining up important tasks begins from friday night (when actually I should be rejoicing wow there would be no lunch boxes, school bag).

This is just not happening stuff! Sometimes, I plan out, make a list of certain things for myself:
1. Will give my scalp a good pampering. Good almond oil massage followed by steam wash.
2. I'll do pedicure,  not liking my feet of late.  They look so tired and wanting for care.
3. I'll read something, something to pep me up.
4. I'll go for a long walk early morning.
5. Will take Tashu for evening walk.

But, none of this happens. I'm so entangled in the Web of my self imposed and other important responsibilities and obligations.
In so tired most of the time yet I keep going- right from shopping for Tashu to managing arranging and  organizing my grihasthi and my freelance work. 
Can't even put blame on anybody.  That would be an excuse.  I have to do something with myself for myself lest I'll be a shadow of what I was and am still left.

Today' clay dough art project with Tashu

Mother's Pride Annual Festival 2014

I woke up my little girl at 5:30 a.m.  In the morning, gave her quick bath, got her ready for the Big Fat Punjabi Wedding, in which she has to perform a ‘Gidda’-‘Mehandi Mehandi Gidde Vich Nachdi.’ I, somewhere had this hunch that Tanushya would get tired and her costume, hair, makeup, et al will get dishevelled for sure.  She may also get cranky.

Yet, I dropped her at school with oodles of enthusiasm and in a good care of her teachers.
We quickly wrapped up the breakfast takeaway and reached Ansal Plaza to park our car. Got on the shuttle Bus for Sirifort Auditorium and met Shonali at Gate no. 2.
Luckily, got perfect seats to sit in the stark view of all the performances, phew!

The theme of this year’s Annual Event is, “Every Child Is a Hero.” No doubt, ask every mother, she will tell you what all she sees in her child, ask every dad and they will tell you how their chest swells with pride to see their tiny tots. For every parent, even a modest bit of climbing up the bed or down the stairs is a heroic act, an act of valor and pride by their children.
Absolute theme!

The show commenced with the prayer and candle lighting ceremony and of course with not-so-brief-yet-very moving and interesting speech by Sudha Gupta, founder, Chairperson of Mothers Pride.

You could see the elation of achievement on her face. When you plant a seed and see that plant growing into a tree growing day by day right in front of your eyes, showering benefits not only to you, but to everybody around, there is no vocabulary to fill in the expression of joy you feel in that moment. Once, my professor told us during one of his lectures, “Sometimes our language is too deficient to surmise what all a human can feel in a moment of love and joy!”

Sukun and Abhishtha, Presidium, Indirapuram, hosted the show. 

And, believe me they actually did a fabulous anchoring.  I was simply amazed at their command over language and attitude to claim the stage brilliantly. My husband sitting next to me quipped, “Did we know words like ‘mesmerizing’ at this young age?” I couldn’t reply just smile at the surprised look on his face.

Sparsh, an NGO founded and initiated by Mother’s Pride and Presidium fraternity for the special children with special needs.  These children are taught handicraft, and other small jobs to make their livelihood and improve their motor and sensory skills. Indeed a great job!

Nearly, 80,000 children in between the age group of 2-5 years participated in the annual festival of Mother’s Pride that spans the duration of 4 days. It’s really awe-inspiring to see tiny tots who have just begun talking, walking, scampering around are actually performing live on stage in front of thousands of audience. I bet, even the best of us couldn't do this. We would not be able to take to the stage with such a gusto the way these little stars did today.

I presumed the age of those two hosts from the Presidium, around about 10 years, but my amazement found no bounds when I learnt they are just 7 year old hosting the event alongside their brilliant teachers. In that moment, I knew, my decision to enroll Tanushya into the Presidium is not wrong. I did the right thing!
Lots of people complain about the fee structure, donation stuff, and many other affairs related to Mother’s Pride. It’s easier said than done! Rome is not built in a day! And, trust me, you cannot run an efficient institution be it academic or medical or whatsoever without having proper financing channels. 

In the past one year, I have seen the efforts of teachers, the patience with which they work with our kids, handle them, teach them, love them. It’s just beyond words. Three cheers for all the teachers, didis, and other staff of the entire Mother’s Pride.

Can’t help from going astray; let’s come back to the Auditorium and to the show.

Shloka, a little girl from Anand Vihar branch sung beautifully, “Aa chalk ke tujhe main leke chalun...” 

I’m sure most of the parents like me have wiped few trickles off the cheeks. She indeed sounded like a nightingale cooing a melody in your ears.

There was a beautiful presentation of freedom fighting days. To begin with, we could see a throng of freedom fighters Mangal Pandey, Jhansi ki Rani, Tantya Tope fighting against the East India Company.

And, whoa! What a lovely sight they made- Little Indian Swatantrata Senani and East India Company officials in all those red coats dancing together. The actual Freedom fighters must be having a gala time watching little British army dancing with their replicas down here.

The scene of first ever revolution against English shifted to The Kakori Revolution, with little krantikaris all dressed in beige and black suits shouting, “Inquilaab Zindabad.”  You could see all those little Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose stomping their little feet on the stage.

I felt goose bumps and could feel them even now, when little Bose yelled at the top of the voice, “tum mujhe khoon do, main tumhe azadi dunga,” followed by “mera rang de basanti chola, maaye rang de...”
Even, East India Company officers couldn’t refrain themselves any more from dancing on “Tere laal chale hai maaye ab teri laaj bachane.” Next, came the era of Gandhi – “Bande mein tha dum, Vandemataram.”
And, the finale of freedom struggle - August 15, 1947, “Vandematram.”

Next in the line was a beautiful and an intensely moving performance by the Sparsh and Presidium kids- “Sadda dil vi tu, Saddi jaan vi tu, Saddi shaan vi tu, Ganpati ka jai jaikaar...Oh... Deva..

Morya, Morya, Ganpati Bappa Morya”

Accompanied, by this enthralling Ganpati Rap performance by Sparsh kids, was a twinkling performance by Sector 93, Noida branch kids – “Chand tare jeb mein hai...hum hain dilon ke shehzade

It actually, seemed as if the entire stage was a galaxy of little red and white stars strewn all over.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta dedicated her favourite two lines to all her kids from Mother’s Pride, Presidium, Sparsh family – “Aa chal ke tujhe main leke chalun, ek aise gagan ke tale, jahan ghum bhi na ho, aansun bhi na ho bas pyaar hi pyaar mile.”

And, a Jugalbandi performance by presidium kids

Now, after such a long wait came the Punjabi Tadka- the Big Fat Punjabi Wedding. I was dying to see my little one dancing on the stage.  The entire wedding was enacted by little kids of Mother’s Pride, Sector-19 Noida Branch in various phases.

First, Jaago Reet-“Jaagon aiyyan”; Second, Mehandi-“Mehandi mehandi Mehandi gidde vich nachdi...” Oh, I could see my little one dancing and doing all the steps religiously but she was at the back so couldn’t click her nicely. This was the saddest moment of all for me during the entire day. Yet, when I saw her flickering glimpses, I felt so happy and proud of my baby.
Third, Welcoming groom- Veer ji veyon chaliya...”
Fourth, the arrival of Bride-“Aaya Ladiye Ni Tera, Sereyan Wala Vyavarh Aaya
Fifth, Wedding- “hai re mere, daadia rabba...babul tere, kinane lejaania aye...”
And finally, the vidai-“
 Sada chiriaƱ da chamba ve, babal asaƱ udd jana

Kudos! A big applause to all the teachers of Mother’s Pride Sector-19, Noida branch for composing such a beautiful portrayal of Indian Wedding. I know most of the women sitting in the audience must have been transported to their wedding times. And, all the dads must have been wondering how they would feel when their daughters would leave them to make a new life ahead, away from them.
Tanushya, my darling daughter you looked simply fabulous! You are my star, baby! Noyonika Darling, you rocked the show, it was sheer delight to see you dancing majestically oblivious of the world around you.

Little Prideens rocked the show with their stupendous feat in Fashion Fiesta. It was a treat to our senses to watch little hearts burning the floor with their outstanding performances.

Aha, how could I miss to mention the Cartoon dhamal. The little kids portrayed the theme-“Every child is a hero” by donning the characters of their favorite cartoons- Chhota Bheem, Doremon, and Baal Hanuman.

Shreyanshi from Anand Vihar branch sang “Govind bolo, Hari Gopal bolo” and set the mood for upcoming Krishna Leela.

A hypnotic Ballet performance by Urjuti. I was like lost in her graceful movements for a long time. 

Few more performances included, a dance sequence on 'will you read me'; folk dances of Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujrat

And, the Prize distribution. Tanushya (Tashu) received third standing in the category of outstanding student of the year. 

I would like to thank and congrats Annu Khatri and Meenakshi Negi for being such a wonderful person and loving teachers to our kids. I had a great time watching these lovely angels dancing and singing and frolicking on the stage.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Cry

I want to make you cry
Behold, I want to make you cry
The way, I have all the while.
Sun does shine bright in the sky
It' the moon that soothes me
The day is bright
The nights are mine
Behold, I want to make you cry
The way, I have all the while
I want to shine like a star
In the sky so dark far and near
Have you cried enough to get along
I'm mere a shadow you feel so rare
I know you are the sky
Make me shine in it
In the Night sky bright like a star
Behold, I want to make you cry
The way I have in all my might
I'm in a fever, this is why
Let me cry and feel your tears
Let me cry
Let me just cry

Monday, December 2, 2013


I haven’t scribbled in the journal, on blog, or even on any page; was very upset with myself. Had no idea what all is going on seemed there is nothing more to talk about. I have been involved at places so many, events umpteen yet had nothing in mind. I was everywhere but never in mind and soul. My soul went away from me, wandered over the yellow lanes, where streets seems to be laden with the dust of forgetfulness, carcass of life lurking in all the nooks and crannies, and that dull, obtuse landscape seemed to have diffused right into my heart without nudging me and made home.

Had been through lots of ups and downs, empathized, sympathized yet bored. Felt a if I’m losing grip of reality-while the only reality I perceived till date was only me.
It's heart wrenching to see yourself torn between you and you - the two YOU of your one physical entity.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tashu's First School Picnic

Saturday, 21 September 2013 at 11:11 Tashu had gone for picnic outside school premises today for the first time. My mind is so unsettled and I'm so apprehensive about how she would be doing. .. All should go well. She is favorite of her teachers so I am sure they would be taking good care of her and other kids too. Oh now I suddenly realize how difficult it used to be for ma to let me go for the picnic which ofcourse I went at the age of 13. My parents never let me go for picnics or school trips. First because they were always apprehensive about safety and wellbeing. Second most importantly because of economic constraints. I belong to a family where shelling money for such trips is pretty useless or I presume so. However, on contrary in case of my little sister she had always been allowed to go wherever she wanted to go yet she keeps cribbing like a horse whining for not being allowed to run free. .. lol she will eat me raw for this sure. Back to Tashu, though shradh, those days in Hindu religion you pay homage to your ancestors and deceased ones and not supposed to buy anything new. I went out all the way sacrificing rituals traditions and culture at the altar of mother's feelings and bought her a trouser and a top, shoes and some snacks for today's picnic. How much desperately I want to go and see how she is doing. Can't wait to pick her and know how much she enjoyed ... Shared with Memoires for Android

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

That Girl!

It’s easier to become an inspiration rather than a disciple. I have always observed that I am good at influencing people with small words and big thoughts. However, when it comes to me, my personal attitude towards life and its stratagems it’s all loose talk which I do to while away time. It’s a fancy job I do most of the time. I mean I love talking, discussing and learning things. I love to talk because I find people and their views interesting. I personally feel that when I listen to somebody ranting or bubbling or babbling I want it to be one on one i.e. I should see the person. This makes the conversations all the more interesting and enjoyable and makes me all the more a good listener. I like to see the gestures, expressions - mostly the meanings of the ejaculations are conferred by them rather than the words.

So, there was me listening to this girl from a small town. The small town is really small and is too distant as per my calculations in terms of so called sophisticated circles I associate myself with. Though, with means of modern technology nothing is distant these days.

Her parents have given their best to her – right from education to her lifestyle. Hailing from an economically sound family she has all the amnesties one can imagine. The girl has a mind of her own, speaks bold and blatant, not caring what people might be thinking and judging about her. She has her own set parameters for everyone around and never frets from giving her piece of mind if ever poked unnecessarily. Her personal life is quite public with her subtle FB updates, yet nobody including even relatives in the friend list has the cheek to question her. I really admire her for that. She must be in her what – early twenties and yet she is mature enough to handle her life so well. She is so polite, decent and well mannered you cannot expect her to be stern. Her eyes have that look which makes you feel mocked at, if you ever dare any silly notion or word slip out of your mouth when she is around. Her eyes speak – I dare you!

Her dressing tells you if not yet then wait some more I am definitely going to beat you in your own world. That gait telling you I am game to handle this city life on my own terms and still that curiosity that piercing gaze to unravel what more lie hidden from her.

Even that nonchalance telling I am still innocent about the game my subconscious has been playing on my mind.

I had been a bin for all her thoughts and view points on various subjects which I feel are yet not suitable for her age. But, you can’t blame the young dame; times have so bloody changed and the youth are all hacked out in between their family background and the city life.

She is quite ahead of her age when it comes to share your opinions. She can speak at length on subjects still unsuitable for a tender age. Be it sex or marriage or marital issues or ideologies. But what a clarity man, even sometimes I am confused about what I think and what I practice. She is not!

Wonder how far she will go – I am sure nobody can fool her. Seems this is what’s needed most in our species. Here, I quip again!