Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Heart Wishes for Little

Sometimes it seems 'm losing count of time and at times i feel it's too gruesome to beat the time.. how very strange....few things that keeps me in good state of mind and health-Dance, Writing (not the one i'm doing nowadays), work, music, & peace at home.

few people makes me feel good.. Bauji, Cheena, Deepak, Ma, Rakhi, Yashica (now i don't get to meet her, will somehow get in touch back again)

few things i want to do for my self only.. running wild in the direction opposite to wind, deep down into the sea, let my body loose in mid of water and let it float, eat mud (Earth), Krishna Bhakti.. and become "jogan" .. wander singing songs..forget the world and people around, write stories and become the one-Storyteller, adopt a girl child.. rear her up, make her stand on her feet,

few things i want to accomplish... want to become not only a good wife but want to be a soulmate of my love.. so that he never feels me as an entity isolated from his flesh and soul.. get "My HOME" an old age home and orphanage( i see lots of old people humiliated, insulted a by their own kids, left alone to cry their heart out in's so heart wrenching.. lots of kids go without food, no parents, no shelter.. i hope i can do something for this cause someday)

few things i wish for.. may hunger and poverty dies (It makes me sulk, and at times i don't even want to swallow the food down my throat.. feel so guilty, when thousands of them are going without food every day)
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