Saturday, July 26, 2008

Again something pricked my thoughts....

I have been thinking from past few years to create something very beautiful. and, what that beautiful creation can be? sometimes i wonder I'm wasting.. I'm getting wasted.. i cannot live like this.. i have to save myself..
the world around me needs to know lots of things which they are really missing.. and i'm the one.. or say i have the potential to tell them..
yeah .. i can show you so many things.. i can lead you into the world where one tends to forget the worldly self and transcends into a different being.. who has no ties to weep for and wail for..why? don't you want to see such a world.. Metamorphosis is the word.. yeah how stupid of me to forget this.. and, i want to witness this metamorphosis happening in front of my eyes..

I read Ovid's metamorphosis.. and it was beautifully versified..
i have always read.. grasped the essence, absorbed it within my inner self.. and living with what all i have read and learnt and observed till date in my life but never i have been able to bring my thoughts into fruition..
i would like to become Homer.. be blind and wander singing my tales.. as he sung heroic tales of great Greek and Trojan warriors..
i would like to be like Jonathan Swift.. struggle whole life for getting the rights for my people and hate the mankind for its atrocities and compassionless world... but i like humans .. they are interesting creatures.. i being a part of this mankind.. what they are is not of any great interest but the way they tends to change color like chameleon and then profess exactly opposite of what they of great interest to me.. it tickles my imagination.. makes me wonder at them.. the way they behave with each other..
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