Monday, July 28, 2008

every word.. that you wrote gives a new derfinition to me.. of the best writers i have ever seen in my life 8:08 AM

Me: it's b' oz u love me 8:10 AM
d for daffar.. love you 8:10 AM

deep...nahin 8:12 AM

deep..this is a honest statement 8:13 AM
pakka se
i would love to see u writing some novel or anything someday
tumhari writing hamesha serious hoti hai
n at times it may not appeal to normal people who r nt very good in english
i dun think u can add humor in yr writing...n make it simple...may b like Chetan Bhagat whose writing appeal to common man,.,,
u love to use tough words which may appeal to certain intellectuals only
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