Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Said I'll always be a friend/Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end

Happy.. after all as the name suggests should always be happy and spread happiness in everyone's life..i wish him Good Luck and best life forever. I'm talking to You.. grant his all wishes.. a kind request.. You know what.... what i want don't let anyone take advantage of his goodness and blackmail him emotionally even if the person is his beloved. I wish nobody hurt him and nanny ever ever.. You getting na..

Looking good.. i never compliment him but he was looking good today.. he looks good in long hair... Genuine concern.. this is what i always feel when he is around.. the way he was talking about deep with mum. The way he complaints of my "mistake"... I don't like people who speak bad of him( You know whom i am talking about).. or criticizes or try to degrade his image in my eyes (idiots who think that i can think bad /evil of him which I'll never do so even if he will commit some serious offense.. of course I'll be angry but i couldn't stand people bragging bad words of him)...

I, once gave him a card.. and i have always wanted to give him some beautiful thing to keep as a memento.. still thinking what could that be..memento that remind him of those days when after tuition he used to accompany me to way back home..You remember he, once offered his jacket to me.. and i was covered up to my knees with that..and once some class mates leaked air of my bicycle tyres and Hemant took it to get filled... and pumped in air..always beside me even when he was not asked to.. shielded me with all mishaps and bad people.. never let anybody harm me... and when i was at Shweta's place for stay, he instructed her," do you have video game, " no! how Prachi will enjoy stay at your place, she''ll get bored." "get it repaired soon" " acha take care of her properly." Oh my goodness.. and Shweta's mum making faces at him all the while... hahahaha......

when i used to go Modinagar how crazy we were to meet each other.. i mean we used to have long talk regarding what's all going on and happening at each other's end and after that .. and it's most of the time Ankur used to reach( since Hemant used to give him late timings of my arrival so that we can have talk beforehand). aaahhh.. blessed were the days.!!

And, not forgetting the times when i used to call him .. hahaha
what a moron.. i am.. i can not forget when, one day i called up and yelled on him like anything and after my gibberish he simply asked, " what happened?" and i burst out crying and narrated what all happened...

once i called up just to say that i want to meet you and i want you to be here at my home by 11:00 am morning. he came late but he came that was the raniest day of the season.. .. and i stood waiting in balcony.. thinking that he won't come now.. and fter a long wait i went to my room... and switched off lights.. and as i lied down on bad.. knock knock.. completely drenched wearing one of his best shirt and pant.. stood there.. i opened door .. and he changed into Pinku's shorts and tee... i was so happy.. so so happy.. we talked whole day about so many things .. actually he talked and i listened as usual in those days... :)...once i have to say.. "Hemant, milna hai.. ghar aaja.. " and he used to come anyhow.. whatsoever excuse he had to make at home .. and to his beau (i didn't know about her at that time.. still).. lying to everyone and used to stay till the time i wanted him to..

Nothing has changed.. he is still same Hemant for me..

hahaha .. and You know the way he was looking for my personal diary.. same inquisitive attitude to know what all i am up to.. :)... Happy.. is Happy to know that 'm Happy... aaahhaa...

But 'm not Happy after knowing that he is too distressed the way his personal life is going.. i didn't like that he is depressed even for a slightest of the thing/ matter i never herd bad words or ill wishes for anyone from his mouth.. and i wish that You take car of him personally.. and i know You will.. i trust You....

that fervent his eyes ... aaahha.. i recall some line from a very nice song..

"chupna bhi nahin aata.. chupana bhi nahin aataa.."

I'm happy at least ... one should be true to ones self..

" hum jise gunguna nahin sakte...
waqt ne aisa geet kyun gaya....."

Once again i tried.. once again he subtly replied.. once again 'm not disappointed.. never says "main".. always says " hum".. one day he will say "main" and i will be Happy.... Happy.... :)

he need not tell me what's right and what's wrong.. i know everything... it's just that i can not lie him...
and .. yeah of course nor even he lied me.. he just hid facts of which he , himself were not sure of.. he said so and i trusted as usual .. i never doubted.. he said this i said this.. he said that i trusted that.. if he said something this moment.. and refuted next moment .. no worries at all.. i trusted first time and the second time as well.. never doubting his sincerity.... i mean no point of distrusting...... and same way goes with him.. i said yes than yes.. i said no than no.. your wish my pleasure....hahaha

I'm happy to recall all this and many other stupidities of ours...Joshi-Joshi..

baatein kuch ankahee si... :) Good luck and Blessings for his future.. i can not even say such things to him... You know... i wonder why.. i mean.. i feel it's not necessary to say.. as if it's already said ... and acknowledged... :)
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