Sunday, July 27, 2008

Words matters a lot....

I have been struggling since night.. sleep flew away to some unknown realm..and left me writhing with anguish in my bed.. why deserted me.. i felt so hurt... i wanted to sleep.. but it just couldn't come to me.. or rather say was so adamant.. knowingly left me thwarted..
words.. they have the power that nothing and none in the world can ever possess.... they can break ice..
they can make rocks come rolling and break down into small pieces..
think twice before you speak.. but then don't think too much since .. thoughts that take great time to be put into words are certainly wise .. but mean.. they are enwrapped with something selfish.. more worldly.. not innocent....not genuine cares.. (i think this? or i feel this...)

at times unknowingly we hurt people with our harsh words.. and we tend to forget what we have said.. and usually these words are act of impulse.. but they hurt..
certain things are not to be spoken of..
should not be meant even..
of course we didn't mean to hurt but it happens... of its own..harsh words.. may they were not that harsh..
not even meant to be..
but .. had no control so slipped out of mouth..
but it seemed as if they were stuck somewhere in the throat and was waiting for an outlet...{we talk of me also....}... i never realized it happened.. i'm sorry for this...may be a just a vehemence.. but they were.. they were given life.. when a word is spoken.. it's endowed with a life...
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