Tuesday, August 5, 2008

something my heart murmured while my eyes slept sound.....

"I still hold your pain in my heart... sometimes my eyes brim... but i let not fall tears.. so that your pain still remains secured deep in my heart .. until i die....."

At the onset of every relationship there is a kind of silent and unsaid commitment treaty on various issues which both of the partners understand solemnly. Whatever you do and say will affect me as much as whatever i do and say to you; you will take care of my likes and dislikes as much as i'll do for you; your life and my life is no more your and mine instead it has become ours; I'll respect you and love you and same i expect from you;we will always be there for each other no matter whatever be the case/situation/circumstance;

I'm glad that my feelings have been cared for.. 'm glad that you know my wishes and demands before i utter them.. I'm glad to see and hear my pain in your eyes and ears.....You know not how much i love you...
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