Saturday, December 6, 2008

Delude Me No More..

Girls say- RECONSIDER.. but do You think i am in position to do as they suggest. In fact they are not suggesting, they are telling me that this ought to be done. If this is the situation now then you never know what you have done to your future.

I understand their concern and know that what they say is right. I know one day my limits will be tested enough to let go. And, I'll let go everything. I will not stop or wait.

Tell me am i right or wrong?
tell me what i am doing to myself or rather tell me what i have always been doing with myself?
Why the hell i torture myself by getting into a rigid situation where at the end of the day i get strangulated; sorry! i mean with every passing second.
Why don't you stop me?

Dreams are dreams they never get fulfilled they are mere fillers in the span of your lifetime so that you may not sense that void howsoever ubiquitous it may be all the time. dreams are phony, sham to delude ourselves and to make believe in what cannot and had never existed in the world.
You should have warned me before that no dreams has ever been fulfilled. Why you always keep deluding me; i keep imagining good hen worst is always right at my doorstep.
this life.. this treacherous life.. it keeps me on run.. make me swirl with its every mood...
I'm simply a toy in the hands of LIFE....

Why it's a far off dream...? why my hands always return empty when i seek for something? and why i keep showering what all i have with me.... when none bothers to think of what i might be needing.

Girls say this is the best period of a girl's life.. and i don't see anything of the sort.. Why?
am i blind?
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