Monday, December 22, 2008

The facts of My life!


Good question, thoughts invoking! This is a reply to a question being posed in some group on blog catalog!

All of us have our happy and sad moments but the moments of fulfillment are those when it seems as if there is nothing more to yearn for, life has reached at its ultimate destination. I believe that such moments of fulfillment should never be attained or rather say these are rarely attainable. Since, once you have attained that fulfillment there will be no more desires left in you and the very moment human life will be rendered meaningless.

I feel happy when I’m writing because at that time I’m creating something whether that is a web of not-so-refined thoughts or mere abstraction of my reveries. I feel contented when I read and analyze, I read and discuss, I read and agree/contradict, I read and pen down, I read and my reading provokes me to write. When I write then I rewrite and keep it editing till I get at the root of the subject in concern- and I feel fulfilled?

Memories- my legacy to world- to the future progeny! I want to live life beyond physical human existence. I want to get embedded in between the folds of people’ lives whosoever came in my contact during my life span! I will love to be invoked in some memory of someone when I’m no more a flesh and blood and just a name in the sands of time. I’ll live in the soul of every word I ever uttered and every path I ever traversed and every human I ever loved/hated.

I have loved my partner- my better half, my soul mate more than myself. I have loved him more than my writing; I have loved him more than my own existence. He is an inspiration, he is an idol of my creativity in his both the physical and spiritual self.

I have made no sacrifice for him ever... Or rather say when you love there is no words like sacrifices and compromises in the lexicon of life left. You just love and do everything in love… It’s that pure passion, emotion that elevates you to a state where nothing matters. Actions in love are purely act of love!

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