Monday, December 15, 2008

Girls Please!!

Now, it's the most dreadful day of the month. Aaah... ohhh mummaaaa.. You must have got that yeah. It's terrible to have these cramps and you just feel like crushing something. Ooops! That photo frames on my bedside missed the shot :) ;).

How bad it is, seems as if world has come to an end... I just keep asking my mum while groaning in pain who the hell is responsible for this damned thing. Just give out name an ill se to it. And it's always 'his' I use for this unknown entity coz since ages men have been trying to be bossy and keep looking for ways to suppress we innocent girls.

Even nightmares are dripping with blood. aaargghhh!!! How tacky! Nothing seems going straight and good. Sticky, smelly, wet all the weeklong. Phew!! When date is due I keep counting seconds oh please do come do come and when it comes upon I try to shew away ufff see the plight!

When it was my first time i was so elated as if something too good has happened to me. I was on leave that day but got ready instantly and went to school just to let my girl friends know i have become a young lady. lolz! it was kind of celebrating monment for me I mean come on don't look at me like that every girl used to have periods and i was the only moron who still had not got initiated into this feminine cult. How creepy na! queer queer!:);)

And, just around lunch time I felt a bolt of cramp… ohh cramps actually that took me out of my senses. baah!! I still remember the day-some peon was sent to drop me. Since that day there is just no end to me cursing the creator of this satanic pain?

I have seen so many girls shying away during their periods. They don't feel easy in the presence of male society during those blue days. I understand and know what exactly is the kind of psychology running down there. But, times have changed and periods are nothing to be ashamed of you. It's the blessing of being fertile which is not being bestowed on males. They are deprived of this very pleasure of being mother which is being gifted to us-women. Howsoever, painful periods are these at least ensure your fertility. Your ability to be a mother, to give birth to a new life.

While studying menstrual cycle in 9th standard Biology, chapter-reproduction, section-female reproduction, i can still visualize suppressed grins, smiles, battling of eyelashes, and faces in the class of both the girls and boys. Those were the days when menstruation was not that matter of concern. It seemed as if we are being cursed due to some unknown folly we committed someday. And, as we grow mature the realization sets in the mind that it is a blessing to be a medium of bringing forth human life- progeny to mankind.


I keep popping in tablets and it's of no avail. But, from past six months I’m studying a lot over the subject and some pain buster strategies & remedies too.

So, here is what I can give out to help you sweethearts somewhat!

It’s definitely better than the crooked Doc's advice" things will be alright baby once you get married!" - She says so with such an evil grin that i feel like smashing her teeth.

  • Yoga- it can be of great help but keep it a regular practice. Do not do it when in periods as it requires lots of stretching and during periods your body is too softened and vulnerable to nerve spasms and cramps.
  • Warm water- do not take normal or cold water rather drink lukewarm water as it soothes down building muscles tensions into your lower abdomen.
  • Do brisk walking it again helps in smoothing muscles.
  • If you see irregular flow of blood or less bleeding then it's seriously a matter of concern. No bleeding or less results into bulging belly pouch. So, instead of taking allopathic medicines make small balls of turmeric powder with few drops of water and take them with lukewarm water. Turmeric powder has antiseptic qualities. It reduces pain and brings about proper bleeding. This helps in detoxifying your stomach and intestines too.
  • Usually, cramps are the result of building gas ball in your stomach so first step should be to get rid of gas from your body. For this you can use Ajwain(carom seeds) + saunth(dry ginger)+ gur (jaggery) make a mixture and take with lukewarm water. It will, not only relieve you from gas ball but those hellish cramps as well.
  • Take one tsp of olive oil and warm it. Massage this warm oil in lower abdomen and back. This will relieve you from pains soon. Make it a daily early morning habit during those 7 days (generally, in a normal health state periods lasts for 4-5 days)
  • Hot water bag is the ultimate blessing to soothe down your stomach.
  • Last but not least try as much as possible to divert your mind.

PS: Try to avoid taking tablets as much as possible. These pills tend to make you addictive for long run and degrade your body stamina.

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