Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nothing Can Be Done- Go Numb

I can not be happy, i cannot be sad, i cannot be gloom i cannot be enraged. what i can be is just all smiling all gleeful laughing and chirruping like a morning bird who is happy to see the world around and flutter its wings to fly high in the sky. But, i haven't got any wings, I'm an ordinary human who might be having some needs, who might be in need of some solace. Where shall i find it if not in arms of thee? I dare not have my sad moments, i dare not talk what my heart yearns for , dare not be mute when what i utterly need at the time is silence. Phew!! what to do and what not to do? What to be and what not to be? haah like Hamlet- "To be or not to be"- what a dilemma life poses in front of almost every human being!

Be happy and make people around me happy! This is the only work left for me to do now?

Do not be concerned? And , if you are then dare not speak up? Do not be sad, if you are then give reason and if reasoned then forget about the further discussion.... "i have nothing to say, i know you feel like an eternal sufferer and me like bogging you down every time so there is no point discussing things with you". At this retort of yours-aahaa... me chuckle; me quip; me quibble; me laugh; me cry; me weep; me wail; me go dumb; me go into utter silence- an impenetrable sheet of life where nothing just darkness looms-- nothing else ... me go numb!
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