Thursday, June 19, 2008

Things to be taken care of...

I want things to be in order- cloths properly stacked in safe, books arranged properly, no dust in room, curtains stain free and unsoiled, windows clean and dust free, no spider webs in nooks. And, almost whole of my day goes in cleaning and dusting my room. how can a person live in untidy and cluttered place. Even a dog before sitting cleans the place with its feet, why my brother and sister can not. how long it takes-just few minutes to arrange things. I can not study, i can not have sound sleep if things are so untidy and deranged. If everyone gives in little effort and keep things back into their places after use, there won't be any problem. Besides you really get peace of mind when your living space is airy, fresh and organized.
today i took whole day to clean up the room/dusted every nook/object/doors/windows/walls and thought that today I'll have a good sleep but that was my wishful thinking since erstwhile Divya was afraid of sleeping upstairs and dad didn't allow me to sleep alone and now, today she is not feeling well. So, Nicky, honey this is your damned fate after long day of hard work you are forced to sleep downstairs in drawing room. My studies, my lifestyle, my whole being has been topsy-turvy just because of this reason that i couldn't use my room the way i want to. Earlier, when i was in Dilshad Colony we had separate rooms and i had privacy where i could enjoy doing everything and i excelled in studies unbelievably. Now, I'm not getting that fervor back since all the time i keep on hopping up & down half of the study material in system and for that go downstairs, again when you need some book go upstairs. Can you believe literature studies and that too master level can be done this way. To read one novel, rather say to complete one novel you need halluwa lot of critical references and it's really not possible practically to carry along all the xerox copies and books up & down whole day. I really get exhausted not physically but mentally that how and when 'm going to study. Preposterous!!
i keep on saying "please guys do take care of your things" but who cares. One is busy doing job and personal entertainment all the time and the other has her own body aches and friends. Mum thinks i keep nagging like an old spinster but it's really intolerable to see disorganized living space. it's ruining my precious time. And it's really not an excuse for not accomplishing my work. it's really an honest confession that i can not live happily and have no stable mindset when my living space is not in an organized manner and tidied up.