Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whiling away..

This is one of those days when i feel to be myself.. when i want to be with myself.. and do not want to talk to anybody..i always wished for someone who can be my mirror image.. and be with me.. as i'm with myself.. this whim of mine has taken me off stage reality..why don't you understand Nicks.. honey.. you already have that someone with you.. then why i feel so loneliness.. why i feel that yearning..
that search..
what for my eyes look out..
why i'm not satisfied..
oh! come on.. this all rhetoric...!! seriously rhetoric.. but..true..the way.. Maggie Tulliver..use to talk..
How much tranced i was by her...that unruly Maggie appealed me..
i remember marking those lines that defined Maggie's love for water.. and then compare it with what i felt and there was a time when i had deciphered my fate as Maggie's .. why i gave those books to know-not-which-junior.. aan haan..
The Mill and the Floss (George Eliot)
love for Tom...her life around him..
her.. tryst with Gypsies...
passionate longing for water..
unruly hair..
her quest for knowledge..
her dilemmas..
her drowning...

How all this .. affected my inner self..
i felt as if i'm reading about my self..