Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's this.. i know not..

I have always kept saying that don’t you ever read ‘Gone with the Wind’ on your own; I’ll read it this novel to you. Yes, I want to read it out to you. You don’t know how much it matters to me-reading this novel to you. I always picture you as Rhett Butler. But, he leaves scarlet at the end of the novel however story was not shown being ended still he goes… this is why.. Gone with the Wind… I dread if one day you will go away, I’ll be ruined. And I have no determination like Scarlet to continue life and wait for you.. But I feel this is what the real test of life is.. the realization dawns upon us when things goes out of hand..

I'm no Scarlet O' Hara.. but i share some of the pains that she had in her life.. and i understand what torments soul can those dreadful situations.. i know what hunger is.. i know what yearning for stability is ...

Scarlett: Rhett, Rhett... Rhett, if you go, where shall I go? What shall I do?
Rhett Butler: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

But he cared.. it's just his inability to express his feelings for one women on earth.. whom he chided for every thing and anything.. whom he tormented like hell at times.. but loved her like no one did.. whom he pampered like a child.. whom he straddled in his lap hiding her in his bosom .. entwined in his arms when she was frightened by a bad dream of her hunger stricken days at twelve oaks.. her only fault.. she ran behind illusion.. and the day she found the reality.. she came to terms with reality.. and realized that her turning to Rhett every time in life.. was not her need.. it was her love for him.. and he loved her equally .. and with same intensity.. Aaa.. Alas! he was gone with wind... novelist didn't say anything..
but i know if story would have continued.. then you could have known that Rhett came back.. Scarlet was his life.. and vice versa.. whatever .. this is the right ending.. say somebody this is the ending.. Scarlet and Rhett could never be apart.. destiny brought them together always.. and it has to.. .. she left for twelve oaks with everyone with conviction and firm faith that Rhett will come back and she will wait.. and she waited.. i can tell you..
he came back despite of every thing that had happened in between them.. this what we call love.. it cannot die so soon..

I will read it and will weep my heart out..enwrapped in your arms and my head lying on your chest.. how secured i will be and no more pains to torture me.. even my words will spare me...One day we will sit together in winter night shrouded in fog....and i'll be secure in your arms..

Just me and you..