Monday, September 1, 2008

Beautifully Chaotic...............

You know what , practically speaking one needs to have some high degree.. good job.. to make social standing... this is what we do for society.. parents.. to make our self presentable and livable in society...

What you want to do for yourself.. when i passed out.. i asked myself what you want Nicky... and the reply was to freak out..before i get on with my masters in Eng. lit... and i join PR in CP evening classes.. full masti.... and after that my masters... i have always done what my heart desires.. since if my heart is under some obligation or pressure then i won't be able to my MA final i realized i need to write.. no more .. exams.. i'll write..
and didn't appear in my exams{i have phobia of exams too..:)}
i begin content writing.. and then blogging.. i left my exams mid way.. not cuz i have not done with my course.. but i was not in mood..{ however you dare not follow this thing.. }.. my acts.. my wishes.. my desires.. "my being me..." has labeled me as an Anarchist.. but in my case there will be no accidental death.. that will also be wished for one day when i will feel life is no more interesting.. abhi it is ..

Do what your heart desires.. it never desires wrong for you.. but being an intellectual and a mature girl always be ready to take responsibility of your acts... if you dare, be ready for the consequences too.. i have always dared.. and have always blew the consequences.. bad/good with a whiff of wind...

MBA- people are hell lot crazy for it.. why..baah.. practical nerds..

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

life is not always meant for eking but for living as well... live the way you want to.. and fight the odds...

I just felt like talking to someone.. and when i write... i feel as if i'm talking.. i'm having some real discourse here i spill some of my gibberish...

study well.. or rather read well..
this year i really influencing.. which is beyond interesting..
it changed me and my life.. may be you are the next in line..
everything happens for a reason.. what's the reason behind me talking to you...? strange..
My Lord teases me saying I'm chatting Queen..
but i like talking endlessly... when 'm silent.. my lips not moving.. my fingers not scribbling/typing... then it's my heart talking to every senses alive..