Sunday, November 30, 2008

chamakte chand ko tuta hua tara bana dala
merei awargi ne mujhko awara bana dala.....
bada dilkash bada rangeen hai ye shahar kehte hai..
yahan par hain hazaron ghar gharon mein log rehte hai
mujhe is shahr mein galiyon ka banzaran bana daala
chamkte chand ko tuta hua taara bana dala
main is duniya ko aksar dekhkar hairan hota hun..

Remembering those days of solitary wanderings when people at home used to think that I'm with someone and hell i used to be all alone on the contrary... wandering like a lost soul in the crowd.. standing somewhere holding the railings and peering through crowd to see some lighting.. what? lighting.. yeah i used to wish thousand times to see something familiar in the herd of people on streets.. i wonder what i keep looking for all the time.. a miracle? may be... in 2004 i felt that now life has changed and I'm going to have everything i wished for.. wished for? what you wished for? i wished for a life with peace and solitude where i can have myself flourishing and learning... the life i wanted to live always.

While going back home i used to think did anyone noticed me. I exist? May be i was invisible visible!!

Life is a never ending quest for me. I keep searching for answers to my questions and on the way curbing so many desires that i had been dreaming may get fulfilled when someone who can notice my "invisible visible " self ... Alas!

Now, no more dreams... no more wishes to cling on... no more hopes left for anything in this world... I must understand now that life is like that only!! you can never change it the way you want...