Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lost Dream

Last night while writing mail to Nanny i felt a kind of shivering in me as if i was doing something strange. A cold sweat ran down my spine, many things that i had forgotten came rushing to my mind scape.

How i wish to erase off so many days from life.

Prianca talked about Del button... it would have been great! Select and if nothing ever existed ;nothing ever happened;

I love drawing; i keep drawing pictures of unknown lands. Most of the time i try to map the events of my life in pictures i draw. They are weird pictures with so much in one page.

I, once had a dream. Now, it's lost. the soil of productivity & creation exists no more. No more my quill has potential to scribble! Lost Dream!!

One day may be i will be able to fulfill it. May Be!!