Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Promise--- Will Fulfill The Dream

It’s already too late I have wasted 18 years of my life just like that thinking and imagining and just not doing anything worthy. It’s high time now and I need to do something soon lest I’ll be extinct from the face of earth without being registered in the cannons of mankind’s history. I need to do that for Greek warriors winning a battle was glory and in the same way getting registered in the psyche of human beings is my destination and I need to do that. I have to attain that glory lest I’ll see myself as a looser even at the death bed. I don’t know what happens when I embark on pursuing my dream.

Something intervenes and it’s only my imagination that keeps me wandering on the edges and leads me astray. I need to focus myself; I need to have full concentration. Enough of fooling around people- friends, love, family, crap! I keep thinking about them and lose the precious time that should be devoted to pursue my dream. Aah! It has gone too far but not so much so that I cannot get it back only if lace up my shoes and saddle up my horse back right away.

Life is too short, I need to get back home- as Tennyson says this world is a journey that needs to end at home (and home is where god is). I don’t want to go empty handed and show him face like a moron who has gained nothing on the way back to home. As in ancient times children were sent to study abroad so was I being sent by the father above to learn and gain some knowledge and let Him be proud of His child. Though He is the pilot steering my life still He gave me this power of reason to utilize it well and be a good child and learn the lessons He wanted to teach via this journey called life.

Crossing the Bar

Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,

But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;

For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crost the bar.

-------- Alfred Lord Tennyson

There are many things that deviates me from the path but this is what we call tests, put to us. We need to face them and go ahead with a winning smile.

Let not the failure deter me… Oh Lord! Bless me with Thine grace!

Thoust do not leave me… Oh Lord! Whatev’ be the circumstances!

Let not me waver from my path ahead

I’ll have my dream fulfilled with Thine grace!

I’ll attain the glory meant for intellect high, I’ll wish upon the star and to get it will reach the sky!

I have promised myself to be the best child

I’ll attain the glory with graces of Thine!

-----Me, To Father

La liberté n'a pas de prix.

La liberté n'a pas de prix.

Freedom is priceless.

I love animals! I have one bitch and white mice as pet. Pet- word itself is designator of chain, collar, and cage. No way! i have never caged my white mice . They are so sweet to be kept in cage and now their family has grown to 24 in numbers. They are all so little teeny-weeny mice. And, my bitch - Genie—aaha! The princess of our house. She moves as if she is a real-time gracious young lady with trails of young lads (pet dogs) of the lane following her. lolz! She is just a darling!

I brought her home when she was just 14 days old. And, now she is one year 4 months old and see the ways he flaunts her new red dress for winters. She is half breed (German shepherd street dog). That's the reason like GS she keeps her ear straight upwards and sit upright and like street dog just loves to play in sand. Such a naughty stuff she is made up of, jumping from sofa to chairs to deewan (single bed in living room) and not setting foot on ground...

And, she has a lover too- there is one German shepherd in colony... oh man the way they both look at each other and lick and kiss and play... it takes hell lot of pulling and screaming on my part to take her back home...

and back at home she raves like tigress- dare you talk to Deepak tonight and I’ll keep barking and howling on the top of the voices and won't let you have a decent silent talk... huunh.. Little devils

those teeny-weeny mice... they are not behind... when it's time for their meals an if i get late by any chance they threaten me like anything… Climb on my chair and bed.. start tugging at bed sheet showing that give us food or we will chew away your bed cover.... hah.. I’m aghast at their audacity!

They are courteous and warm hearted too. They welcome all the newcomers by tugging at their feet/shoes/pant/sari.... letting them know see here we are and do not forget to say hi to all of us... they are so sweet - little white mice with crystal red eyes.

I can never imagine them in cage they are too soft.... and innocent. They have heart too . You know what the mother mouse she bathes her little kids with her tiny paws... and comb their hair. Ohh such a lovely sight they make. They are more intelligent then we humans. We become selfish but animals are never so. They have genuine and compassionate heart. Why put them in cage and enslave them. They have full right to freedom. All the more they are free of human vanity and sense of shame which makes them dearer and nearer to God.

PS: Do not treat animals asslave or fun toys. They are just like little kids, love them. They can be real time friend indeed!

Adult' Corner!!

Lots of saddy-saddy & emotional posts. Now let us have a fun! Though very personal but I would love to share some of my personal views on few subjects. Are you seriously looking forward to some funny quibbles here? Darn you! Off this blog right away... I'm writing some real time brooding & notions of mine...

Actually my fiancé is having headaches lately, he tried to add nutritional food to his daily diet but of no avail; he tried taking rest on weekends again of no avail; I suggested go and have sex [joked-definitely! dare he go somewhere else to have it ;)]. Yeah! But it's true that sex is one stress buster that makes you feel more happy and rejuvenated all the time.

Girls it's for you especially- females who have regular sex feel less pain during periods comparable to ones who are celibate or have irregular sex)

If you have headache

have nutritious diet & good rest(if not,)
get a soothing scalp massage(if not,)
have sex

If you have acne & dull skin

go and check out some dermatologist(if not,)
use home remedies or cosmetics out there on market shelves(if not,)
have sex

If you are in bad temper

take a day off & ghumkar aao beta(if not,)
take shower, relax back, read some book, have chocolates(if not,)
have sex

If you are in good mood

shopping!! Yuppie!!!(if not,)
cook & party(if not,)
have sex

if you are disheartened

do attend some pravachan & learn morals of life(if not,)
talk to friends(if not,)
have sex

If you are in rage

go n fight out the chap involved(if not,)
clean house, wash cloths, cook, and work like a labor & bang on bed tired(if not,)
have sex

Sex is one act that goes well in all circumstances:
Headaches: If you suffer from migraines and severe headaches, sex is one fine remedy for you. It's been scientifically approved that orgasms kill migraines and you feel better and relaxed after having sex.
Apart from headaches sex relieves you off from sluggishness and other body aches. While having sex body muscles terse, contracts and the relax backs completely.

Bad mood/rage: Sex purge your body off of heat that keep welling up inside. After having sex you feel fresh and in good mood. It lightens your heart and makes you feel stress free. It elevates tensions created by mood swings and unhappy events. Sex releases a hormone called endorphin into the individual's bloodstream. Endorphin is a pleasure giving hormone that releases sense of euphoria in you. You feel good and soothed. Instead of taking tranquilizers during depression and emotional swings have sex as It is 10 times powerful than any other tranquilizers.
Skin problems: Sex releases great amount of heat from your body which tens to help in rejuvenating your body skin and leaving it fresh. Women who tend to have regular sex have good shining hair, and glowing skin on long rum due to the balanced productivity and activity of hormone called estrogen.

Sex helps in balanced regulation of hormones and reduces fat accumulation into the body cells as it tends to burn approx 4.2 cals per session.

It improves sense of odor as production of prolactin, a hormone gets enhanced owing to regular sex. Prolactin induces stem cells in brain to e of neurons in the olfactory bulb.

Lends good health to prostate

Having soft sex and not going wild all the time helps maintain strength in the penile muscles.

You will have less cold & cough. Sex acts as an antihistamine that blocks sinusitis problem.

Okay !! Now, till date only these are some of my few findings via articles, scientific studies, and reports published by gynecologists.

PS: Who all are eligible to have it, play safe!

(Hell! I still fret from having it ;) me quipped!!