Monday, December 22, 2008

Mother- The Fountain Of Knowledge Eternal!

In order to be a learned man you need to be a voracious reader. And in order to be a perfect social man you need to move in the circle of great intellectuals. You need not go far off to search for high brow people. You may find some of them right there in front of you but might not have noticed there intellect owing to several reasons. The impediments that come in the way of achieving knowledge are the personal hesitations and obligations. Sometimes a child of 6 years of age is wiser then we adults because he know that there is no harm in asking questions whenever tickled by curiosity which we elders tend to shrink from asking due to lot many reasons. Be inquisitive this is the only key to become a learned being. No answers will be given if you won’t pose any question. No knowledge will dawn up your darkened hemisphere if you won’t be curious enough to unravel the mystery in every simplest object or subject around you.

This simple attribute of questioning led eve to discover this mortal life of reasons though it has its share of drudgery, pains, vicissitudes that were not there in Eden. Question leads to answers leads to discovery leads to inventions leads to sustenance of human life on earth.

Have you ever ever asked yourself why it was mother who took the forbidden fruit or rather put it as fruit of knowledge and not the father? The mystery lies right in there in the word Mother itself. It’s the mother who is the first teacher of a child. It’s she whose touch is the first knowledge a child acquires. He learns a lot while resting and developing on its own pace in her womb. He learns to feel her emotions, her pain, her smiles, her agitations, and her dreams which she dreams right from the inception of a new life in her.

Why give complex name to a simple phenomenon called love. Why call it Oedipus complex and why not consider in this light that a child whether a male or female tends to love more to mothers because it’s she who bores them during their creation. A child is attached with umbilical chord with mother- eats what she eats, drinks what she drinks, breathes what she breathes, so why not feel what she feels. Nothing in world can beat the motherly affection not even a father can have that stature in the life cycle that a mother holds. She is the nurturer. She is the one who brings you to this world, infuses life in you, and fulfills your being with colors of humanity.

Why then it's fathers name that is most required to designate your standing in society. there were some ancient tribes in Africa where Matriarchy was the rule. Even in India in ancient times Matriarchy had been practiced but patriarchy is the one that has dominated all the spheres in almost all the ages. Even the history of mankind needs to be redefined in the words of a woman- in her all images.

I have so many thoughts and ideas brewing up in my mind's kettle, will definitely come up with a well researched post on matriarchy in my new blog!

The facts of My life!


Good question, thoughts invoking! This is a reply to a question being posed in some group on blog catalog!

All of us have our happy and sad moments but the moments of fulfillment are those when it seems as if there is nothing more to yearn for, life has reached at its ultimate destination. I believe that such moments of fulfillment should never be attained or rather say these are rarely attainable. Since, once you have attained that fulfillment there will be no more desires left in you and the very moment human life will be rendered meaningless.

I feel happy when I’m writing because at that time I’m creating something whether that is a web of not-so-refined thoughts or mere abstraction of my reveries. I feel contented when I read and analyze, I read and discuss, I read and agree/contradict, I read and pen down, I read and my reading provokes me to write. When I write then I rewrite and keep it editing till I get at the root of the subject in concern- and I feel fulfilled?

Memories- my legacy to world- to the future progeny! I want to live life beyond physical human existence. I want to get embedded in between the folds of people’ lives whosoever came in my contact during my life span! I will love to be invoked in some memory of someone when I’m no more a flesh and blood and just a name in the sands of time. I’ll live in the soul of every word I ever uttered and every path I ever traversed and every human I ever loved/hated.

I have loved my partner- my better half, my soul mate more than myself. I have loved him more than my writing; I have loved him more than my own existence. He is an inspiration, he is an idol of my creativity in his both the physical and spiritual self.

I have made no sacrifice for him ever... Or rather say when you love there is no words like sacrifices and compromises in the lexicon of life left. You just love and do everything in love… It’s that pure passion, emotion that elevates you to a state where nothing matters. Actions in love are purely act of love!