Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Craziest Whims, Favorites & Incomplete Feats!

It’s been a year now and I have been living in all hopes and aspirations of several kinds. Can you beat that I’m so insane, the craziest creature alive on this green planet that dodged her MA final year exams only because I was having no gut feelings to give exams? Ahhh! Mercy Lord! I’m such an idiot to quit my exams in 2008 and stretch my Ma to ’09. Burden! It always happens I’m so moron who acts in such silly ways often. Now, 8 damned papers are hovering over my head and I’m still occupied in helluva lot of stuff except studies. When Lord will put little sense in me? I have lots to achieve and here I am just whining away from this or that responsibility of mine.
How to get focused?
How to concentrate myself? How to get that lost vigor back so that I can complete MA? Above all how to tame my Mood swings?
I have to complete my Masters this year; I know I can do this if and only if I don’t get fits of mood swings… nobody believes me but this is true that I’m so ruled by my moods that I leave paper right in the middle and leave classroom just because rest of the questions are boring and I’m not going to answer them. How hard I try to fight myself that “Oh, Nicky please do complete your paper, girl it’s your future” the other part of my psyche revolts- “go to hell with your future I cannot answer so silly questions, I’m bored don’t you see?” Gauche! It’s too horrible to handle me in such state.
I remember I slept for around 2 hours during my second year grads exam. Silly me!
Once I’ll get over with this, I’ll join Sanskrit learning classes.
These are the matters of academics. I’m planning to join Bharatnatyam classes from past one year. Every time I call up Gandharva Vidhyalaya, fix my audition of Kathak and then I get lost. This is how I am. This is how ‘m wasting myself and my talent.
My tastes, oh please let not me remember my taste buds. I have craze of theater as well and owing to this in my grads first year I went down to Mandi House- National School of Drama. I was expecting to meet Mister Naseeruddin Shah by chance and Nandita Das sitting in the library scrolling down the catalogs of Bharatnatyashastra. Bah my fantasy! My expectations had great setback and on the top of it that damned fellow who was attending reception of auditorium said you need to have 10 years of experience in drama (school level) – abe daffar paida hote hi natak mandali join kar leti kya?
Oh I forgot to tell you I do have tste for music as well. Silly me to not to mention my sangeet vidhya abhiyan- so here you go with teeny-weeny details of this feat of mine- My Bauji (maternal grand pa) is friend of some classical singer and musician who is renowned tabla vadak if I am using the term correct (I hope so, pardon me if not there is one more history behind this usage of Hindi too). So this honorable Tabla vadak lives at AGCR Enclave, New Delhi. I called him talked with him and we fixed my classes and there I am lost in oblivion with no remembrance of my Tabla classes. And, this was owing to fact that good Tabla instrument cost made me go unconscious every time I picked up rate list, duh duh duh!
Now, Hindi, aaha ohho I have this junoon(zeal) kind of thing right from my grads days to learn different languages. A d, one amongst the category is Hindi lekhan- So, I have started reading Aksharam Sanghoshthi – it’s a Hindi magazine which has features/stories/poems/biographies/ and other discourses on various issues by talented Hindi writers.
Readers Digest- One of the favorite English digest.
Pitch - The ultimate advertising magazine.
Now, I just love to own Dictionaries and Bauji keeps contributing to my collection so girls & guys if you have any recommendations please drop in the comment box so that I can add some more to my collection.
Cards- I’m literally ga-ga over my cards owning hobby. I have my voters ID Card, British Council Library Membership Card, Sahitya Academy Membership Card, Metro Card, Globus Customer Card, My fianc├ęs Van Huessen customers card, Blood Donation ID Card, College ID Card, ICICI Debit Card, Some Business Cards-Mum, Deepak, Nanny (Lt. Comma Consultancy one).
I’m looking forward to collect some more- Credit Cards, SBI Debit Card, J & K bank Debit Card, American Library Card, and will see if I can get some more ideas to own cards of varied colors… me giggle^*^*^*^:) :)
Books- Loads & Loads of them
Paper Bags- Pepe, Levis, Levi Strauss, Adidas, Ayuvi, and some more idhar udhar se ikatha kiye hue…. Lol! Silly me !
Dresses- Name one girl who doesn't love spending her last penny on dress that takes her breath away in showroom. I have few and with this i mean very few... (Nanny & Deepak keep your mouth shut and winks off this blog hunnh :)

A Request: Can anyone of you please send me some pic that can go well with this blog... i didn't get any :(