Sunday, January 11, 2009

Expressionless Expressions

I have always found myself lost in eternal silence as if some silence enwraps me in its dark shawl and lulls me to waking sleep when i can hear and see everything still impotent to react. Whenever there is n urge to express myself out, it seems as if words verbalized or scribbled by me never reaches the audience jotted on paper or this blog instead these are, as if pushed out of my soul-from my inner recesses. And, these very words that have been forced out of me to speak my heart out hang still in air with number of dotted lines trailing after them.
I often try to write but 'm not musical...But, is it necessary to have any song of yours or there is already as song within every one of us and 'm unable to hum one tuned in my soul?

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