Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to know what I am?

A girl with vast pool of knowledge imbued in her little frame, with ideas rebel-l-ish, Duh! “She is an anarchist!”- I have started loving this remark now.
I love collecting books, trying new dresses, hats, handbags,crockery, paper bags
I have myriad of interests right from performing arts to penning thoughts down on paper & e-paper. I have a perfect life with lots of twists & turns that ensures and further strengthens my belief that I’m going to be a very famous writer since all literati had controversial life. May God Bless me too with Vicissitudes of adjusting with common folks and be a nerd so that I may call myself as one of the herd (Renaissance girl, Neo-classicist, romantic, or Modern). Amen!
I want to read something about myself. May be this post will suffice me... I asked Deepak to write something about me, he says, "i cannot express my thoughts well."
I asked Rakhi (Nanny), I'm yet waiting.
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