Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year- Will It Be?

Here comes a new year in all its exuberance and smiles spreading the message of love and universal brotherhood as usual. But do you really think things will be so fresh and vibrant as they seem to be while bathing in the light of new day. Every one of us is so full of zeal to achieve something in New Year. We have many resolutions and plans to carry them out. Most of us too readily declare our New Year resolutions and some coyly say resolutions… are you seriously talking about making them... naah not my cuppa tea!

Whatever be the case everyone in the world openly or secretly has some future plans and do work on them diligently. We fail but there are some who wins and they are the successful people in the world. It’s not important how big you achieve but it’s significant that you at least achieved what you decided.

Life is like that! It definitely throws us all in the throes of chaotic abyss where uncertainty is the supreme rule still reasoning the intellect that’s been endowed to us helps us out of getting doomed eternally. We still have hopes to get better of life. This is kind of trick playing game where we keep fighting almost all the time with this or the other entity be it human or non human and end is drastically opposite of what human understanding can ever grasp. This is human predicament. To fight out all odds and be a toy in the hands of destiny at the end of every venture.

Coming back to point- if we plan things ahead then do they really get executed the way we expect. No! It never happens since you never know what’s there in store for you in next moment. But, this means that we must stop planning and thinking over future plans completely. Both ways can be stupid. We will be declared as the silliest of morons on green planet. Know not where to end this monologue as my gibberish will go on- a whole year is left for this.

I'm little late in wishing you all fellow bloggers & Readers.
So, here I’m wishing you all a very Happy New Year! May all your dreams and wishes come true!

With every New Year there comes a bout of nostalgia, New Year resolutions, some promises with self & new journeys.

Nostalgia: what we did/ what happened/ what must not have happened/ shouldn’t be done or said/ Ifs and buts.
Resolutions: to-do list, not-to-do list
New Journeys- Ventures afresh

You must have already made a list of new year resolutions and already done with brooding over things that have been done and have become a matter of past. I'm still into it. I'm still not over with ruminating over my past year 2008. Lot happened! Life showed changes apparently and made me stuck in a whirlpool and maze of desires and their fulfillment. Seems there has never been a change in my life. Things, events, people, and situations all are static with no movement at all. Inertia – yeah this is what one calls to such living.

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