Sunday, January 11, 2009

Self Analysis-Be Informed About Your Own Self!

Whatsoever affectations you put on but you have to be true to your own self. Whatever be the circumstances you cannot or rather say must not lie to yourself. Conscience takes atoll on your life is it happens.
Once in a while I ask myself, probe my conscious mind for whatever I am doing or saying so that I can keep check on flow of words and development of thoughts in my mindscape... I personally feel that it is good to do self analysis as it helps you find out answers to number of questions that keeps boggling our mind whole day out. It's rightly said that - to every question we are the only answers, everything is in us. We humans are the self sufficient beings. We have everything including nature within us so why seek answers out. Just a little digging in the conscience and subconscious mind and lo there you are with the shocking reply. You will be amazed not at the answer to your question but at the fact that the solution of your problem was already with you, residing in your depths.

Self-analysis is kind of healthy relationship in between your mind and heart;in between your external and internal self.

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