Monday, February 23, 2009

Amit Weds Kavita

It’s my best friend’s wedding today. I have no words to surmise my happiness. I’m so happy and above all I’m happy to see him Happy. He was looking dashing bridegroom. He is already too handsome but today his face was brimming with happiness of getting married to love of his life. I remember how much I yearned to look that smile in Deepak’s eyes on our engagement. I was so happy that my lips remained stretched into a bright smile whole time. I kept looking at him- I just couldn’t take my eyes off him and was waiting-now, now he will look at me and smile to me. He will assure me of his happiness. Lord how much I yearned but he was too busy in other worldly things that he didn’t bother to look straight at me. I know he just didn’t want to show off but does world, kith & kin concerns weighs more than my happiness. Alas!

Anyway whatever happened happened. But, I’m too glad that Amit was smiling the way I was while looking at Deepak in my engagement. And, Kavita responded to every smile of his. One could easily see how happy they both were and indeed they should be after all they love each other so intensely that they reached this stage in life.

Amit Weds Kavita on 22nd February 2009

They had to stand on a raised round platform for garland offering. Both of them were made to stand on opposite ends of the platform and then they climbed stairs taking every step together. When they reached platform friends, relatives, and cousins all started shouting “oye ek dusre ko pakad lo” and suddenly platform started revolving and Kavita got frightened and she gripped Amit’s arm in jiffy and he too held her by her waist so that she may not fall. Such a sweet sight to behold! Many shots were taken and they kept standing there holding each other and then garlands offered.

My eyes went watery at the same moment- I felt so good while looking at them. They were looking very beautiful. May God Bless their wedding life!

Indian Bride is an ultimate beauty to look at. Red Lehenga, Nath, tika,gehne, chudiyon bhare hath, mehandi, payal, sindur, mangalsutra… I wonder main kaisi lagungi?

Man udas ho jata hai jab kabhi kisiki shadi hoti hai aur main apne sune hath dekhti hun. Aaj samajh aata hai ki late shaadi hone par ladkiyan itni pareshan kyun ho jati hain. Earlier I used to make fun but now I understand and have seen and experienced that how difficult it becomes to sustain yourself when you have outgrown your age of marriage. Now, I know why girls ought to get married in between the age of 20-24 years. Young girl looks beautiful as bride. Once you have crossed 25 you are no more a young bride, maturity gets ubiquitous on your face. And, you are already at a stage of being frustrated with your sexuality that your face doesn’t look blooming, young, and tender at all. I’ll be 25 now. I wish I’ll get married some day. Someday I’ll also become a bride and that day Deepak will look into my eyes and say I Love You and I am Happy to make you my life partner. I will die for that instance when he will look at me direct in my eyes with same intensity of love and happiness as mine. I wish!

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