Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Blogging has become kind of passion for me now. Blogging about ramblings of my confused self that keeps searching for meanings expressed beyond words. And, let me tell you this is the worst part of my character that I try to reach for something which is not visible to common understanding. Now, tell me, what's the use of hankering after something which is too difficult to attain? But, I think this is a very natural human tendency to go for what is beyond our grasp. The Game! Isn't Life An Interesting Game? Every fraction of second spent breathing is so unpredictable and fun. Yeah! I said fun! This is what exactly our life is- if we see it as a fun it will be a great adventure with lots of twists and turns to make your stomach churn with tickling.

This is I suppose third so-called blogaventure I'm embarking on. Gauche! What a crazy weirdo I am. Dream-Dreams- this is what I'm wholly made up of. Tit-bits of everyone's dream[s]- This is what Nicky stands for! So, here I'm trying to get myself lost in the world as a stranger and find out what the hell is going on! :) Oh Lord! This finding-out-oneself-game has become an integral part of my living. LOL!

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