Monday, February 16, 2009

An Incident

I was walking down the streets of Connaught Place and a beggar girl approached me. Shabby, stingy, dirty body, untidy hair stuck in braid as if never knew what water is, and bare feet. She clung to my leg and begged for some money. I tried to shoo her away but such a reluctant little creature she was. I said, “Fine, come along. I’ll see how far you will trail along and then I’ll take you home. There you will have to do all washing, cleaning, and cooking. This will be a great idea! Isn’t it, girl?” Her face was a sight to be captured. She was literally horror struck as if I am some children kidnapper and will bag her in my backpack. I kept holding her hand and didn’t let her go. She pleaded, “Please let me go. I want to go. Leave me!” And, I became little adamant and didn’t let her go. Finally, she said, “Let me go I won’t beg ever!”

I looked at her face smeared with dust and tears running down her cheeks. I was definitely not going to harm her. What I wanted was just that please do not tug at cloths and hinder the path. This may be dangerous for both the passers on and beggars. You never know when some vehicle hits you off.

I looked at her and smiled. I told her to not to behave in such a weird manner as it may be dangerous for her since there are many goons out there in search of little kids. They slash their neck and bleed them hard till they die. She was scared. I really didn’t want to do this. But, a girl of 6 years can only be stopped from tugging at the feet of passers on at Main Street. ( there are some underworld people associated with these beggar kids and families who instructs and train them in begging skills). World has become too dangerous. I read in some local magazine some time back that a beggar girl of 5 years was gang raped by some bus conductors.

Coming back to where I was. I had a burger in my hand. I handed it over to her and patted on her shoulder. After walking a little distance I turned back to find that she was still standing on that side pavement with burger in her hand and looking at me constantly. I smiled at her and waved her goodbye. She chuckled and ran off to the pavement opposite to red light (opposite to the building where there was Mother’s Pride earlier).

How queer & tingling it seems to see children acting out their follies in grandiose splendor. I wish I could be a kid once again!

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