Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Love is a strange phenomenon that engulfs your whole personality and drowns you into oblivion hard to break. When you love someone the whole meaning of your life and your existence in it changes to its very core. You cannot just remain what you were. You tend to become someone whom you have never met with. All of a sudden you start feeling tremendous impulses running through your veins like warm blood. These impulses get their vent in myriad ways irrespective of your conscious self. You do what you have never done; you speak what you have never thought of. The whole of your existence goes wayward snatching you hither-thither.

You, who have always been too confident, smart and untouched with vile envy, get it imbued in your cells so much so that you act weird owing to its effects on you. You become vulnerable to all sorts of emotions and lose hold over your reason.

This doesn't implicate that Love makes you bad and has wrong impressions on your life. Love is a sublime process which like any other living process is vital for human existence. Howsoever people try to avoid it, it happens, happens to every one of us.

Now, let me make myself clear that here I'm not talking about love for parents, siblings, kith & kin as for every relation it has definitely same meaning and definition but different expressions and ways of expressions. When you say "I love my Parents"- then do not misunderstand it as a love that you have cultivated for them within you. It is something inborn- you are born with that feeling, for them. They are the ones who brought you to this world so no doubt you will love them in all its exuberance, intensity, and purity. When you love your siblings then it's in your blood. You are one in flesh and blood borne out of same parents. Friends are the beings who form a family out of your home province with whom you spend half of your growing years playing, sharing secrets, gossiping, studying, and supporting.

After this comes a stage in life when you are no more a kid who doesn't know ways of life, who is no more a teenager who needs to understand various stages of growth & development and come to terms with self physiology & psychology. You become an adult who starts understanding the world around in its complete sense. You have become mature enough to understand the meanings of various human relations and have developed good sense of judgment as well (no human is perfect so stumbling is a natural tendency). This is the time when your secondary sex characters have also developed fully and you start recognizing your tastes and inclinations.

Humans are social animals so they need to have a society, companionship i.e. a sense of belonging. Getting attracted to a being other than you is a natural human tendency- man attracts woman and vice versa. (There are other exceptions as well where man-man-gay; woman-woman-lesbians.) This is the time when you really start looking for a companion- one who belongs solely to you and you to them. Man to woman is like oxygen to life.

There are various stages of falling in love with someone other than your family, kith & kin. And, this loving becomes so special because here there is no blood relation, no social relation, and not even a mere humanity- it's beyond every other relation- your whole life chemistry gets involved in it.

Now, this is where I need to stop hurting my keyboard and give it some rest. Some reading and analysis is to be done before I move further on. I hope I can write some good piece worth spending time on.

Though, most of my writings are dramatic monologue or rather call them as monologues to myself yet if anyone finds it worth reading then please do bear the felicities since I'm no expert just a scribbler who out of habit of making fingers dance on paper hopped on to this e-paper.

P.S. All words and concepts made here are mere my personal observations.

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