Sunday, February 8, 2009

Respect Your Woman

The Living Hell- this is what I call to a marriage that's being dragged so as to keep up the pretenses of being virtuous in the eyes of social circle you move in. Indian women have since long attributed themselves to this drudgery- Of being ridiculed if they are illiterate, cannot manage home, if kids go astray. It's all over her head! She is the one to be blamed! None else! If children does something good and excels in every sphere including studies, career, personal relationships & c. then it's the father who will be honored and if something goes wrong then where the hell mother is she is the one who brought them up. It's her doing, she failed to inculcate right manners and attitude in her children. Why not blame father? This is how society works even today. Howsoever advanced we be this is the reality of common woman in India.
She should be smart, intelligent, and literate- a perfect encomium of :Lady of Letters and lady of the house.

I remember one of my friend whose father is a reader of Political science in Some college of Delhi University abhorred his wife's company in public. Why? Just because she is a village woman who is uneducated and don't know how to dress up and behave in modern educated society. He forgot that despite of being an ordinary woman with no knowledge of books and literature she still managed his house, brought up his four kids, maintained his lifestyle, took care of his home and gave her whole life in handling these few chores that weighs to a penny in front of his education.

I wonder how he got a cheek to say that she is a worthless piece of furniture that's being stacked up into his life forcefully. I was in shock for so many days when my friend told me that her father is disturbed these days because he feels her mom is not fit to go around with in meetings and social get-together. Come on man, she is the lady of your house. Whatever be the case, even if she is illiterate she cooked for you, washed for you, cleaned for you, maintained your house, and took care of children so that you can move out in your circle of friends without any tension.

After giving away her whole life to a man she is reduced to nothing-this is the common woe that thousands of woman here are still going through. Man goes abroad for job and on return to home after seeing his children going astray puts all blame to their mother. Why? Is it her sole responsibility to foster good things in the children and not father's as well? OK, I know now man have lots of arguments in his favor- if asked such question he may revert you with this- then what should i do? Shall I sit back at home and take care of chicks? No! Don't do that. But at least do not blame her for all wrong doings. She cannot run after children everywhere. She never know what her girl is doing outside house or what the boy is after and moving in what sort of company. No mother will teach wrong to her children, there are various other outer influences over kids today which one might not get hold of.

On the other hand i know a man who revered his wife till her last breath and even when she is gone he treasures every piece of her memory. He keeps recalling things and telling them in the way of anecdotes to his grand children so that they may learn what life of simplicity and benevolence is. He told me once when he was to take his position as a commercial manager in Indian Airlines he had no shirt to put on that special day. He had one shirt only and one kurta-pajama

His wife opened the seams of his only shirt and cut the pieces of cloth (purchased in cheap prices from local market) and sewed those cut pieces in accordance with the seams of previous shirt. And, this home made shirt he wore on his first day of taking office. His chest swelled with pride while telling this and eyes were brimming with love and reverence for his late wife.

His wife was an un-educated lady whose parents died when she was just 5 years old, her uncle brought her up and married her off at the age of 12. She knew cooking and other household chores. She learned everything on her own. He tells how she learned to knit sweaters for him, sew pants and shirts, cook various dishes, and save thousands from his meager income.

When his brother demised she readily and happily took over the responsibilities of the orphaned children and managed things along with her own children. He respected her because of her greatness of being a WOMAN (Wife+Mother+Friend+Life Partner+Soul mate=His Better Half) and never looked to her figure( plump), illiteracy, and no-knowledge of learned society. He took her on world tour when he got promotion as station manager on Delhi Airport.

He calls her goddess of his little world who illumined his life with her love, care, smiles, and her hardships. He says he would not have been a successful man in his life if his little illiterate woman wouldn't have come in his life.

I just hope every man respects his woman the way he does. Respect woman your she is the one who brings warmth and love in your life. She is the one who makes you a man of understanding and a man to be welcomed in the society of decent people. A lone Man is not apt for society of decent people- but a man with his woman is acknowledged for his being a well-accomplished human.

“There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.”

PS:: I don't know whatever scribbled there in this blog post is worth a read or not but for me this issue is of great importance. This blog post is triggered after the reading of my old diary pages. Both the cases mentioned are real ones.

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