Friday, February 20, 2009

Strings Of Memory- The Realms Unknown

Nostalgia is something like my sinusitis problem that keeps occurring very so often. So, I have lot many things to look back at and ponder over. In these 24 years of my life two went in oblivion as I am unable to recollect the incidents that passed in first two years of my life. Yet, I can somehow recall some incidents; there might be something affective those incidents so they left strong imprints on my mind scape.

I remember myself wearing some high-heeled sandals and climbing stairs; I remember myself draped in blanket and hunching upon a cement chair in some veranda and talking to next door neighbor who is ironing his wife’s sari; I can recall a house where my great grand mom came to stay with us and when my mother gave her a sari as a present for staying with us for some days then my little brother took sari out of her suitcase and put that back into mum’s Safe. I really wonder how intense picture of these few incidents is in my mind. As if I just need to flip some pages backwards and there those past gone days are intact though in the form of yellowed pages owing to the lapse of time in between.

It often happens with me that something which is going on in present seems as if already had happened in the same manner. And, I often notice myself saying hey mum I said same thing, standing at the same place at the same time already. I think we are repeating the whole scene. But, this is not the case. Often our dreams show us our future in most vague form and our conscious self wipes off the memory of such dream from our mind until the incident happens in reality. I don’t know it happens with others or not. But, I have experienced this and it happens with me too often.

Dreams are a unique way of receiving messages that cannot be understood when wide awake in broad day light.

When I fell sick I feel as if some young boy of 14-15 years is sitting by my side near my pillow and holding my hand. His one hand is caressing my forehead. And, this kind of hallucination occurs when I’m completely bed-ridden and unconscious due to high fever. The moment I feel such presence the temperature starts falling down. Is it my hallucination or something deeply meaningful? Sounds little weird but happens. I asked mum about it. What I came to know is that during freedom fighting days one of my forefathers died at the age of 17 after tripping off the horse. While dying he asked some folk to convey his final message to his people that- whenever they face any good or bad time he must be remembered. So, whenever, some festivity is in our family or we make some sweet we take out a portion in his name and give it the head of the family to have. She says he guards our home in all times so may be he protects you from getting any serious harm.

There are several phenomenons that keep occurring in our mortal world but are far from our grasp and reach- simply beyond our understanding. What Aristotle called them- Occult!

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