Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mutability-The Flower That Smiles Today (1824)

Image is taken from flickr- I liked these Red flowers growing in the mountain side fields- A pleasenter site for wayfarers to behold!

The flower that smiles today

Tomorrow dies,

All that we wish to stay

Tempts and then flies,

What is this world’s delight?

Lightning, that mocks the night,

Brief even as bright.—

Virtue, how frail it is!—

Friendship, how rare!—

Love, how it sells poor bliss

For proud despair!

But these though soon they fall,

Survive their joy, and all

Which ours we call.—

Whilst skies are blue and bright,

Whilst flowers are gay,

Whilst eyes that change ere night

Make glad the day;

Whilst yet the calm hours creep,

Dream thou — and from thy sleep

Then wake to weep.       


I read this poem when I was in my MA Previous, English. Though, not in my course. I always go astray, get divereted from the path that I have started treading on. Likewise, after completing the reading of  'Prometheus Unbound' I simply flipped through thick volume of P.B.Shelley Poetic Works-Norton Edition and came across This poem-'Flower That Smiles Today.'

I love reading Percy Bysshe Shelley because of his enthusiasm towards life and his views on it. Daring, Brilliant , and a Vibrant Romantic of his times. 

What a beautiful message this poem conveys and in the matching brilliant fashion. I can never forget the impression this poem has on me. Life is too short to cry over few adversities. One should live like flowers which blooms for short time and yet spread smiles and leaves the same impression in the psyche of beholder of their beauty after whithering. So, why not we humans be like flowers? Why can't we enjoy every moment of our short life happily and make fellow beings smile. 

Everything in this mortal world is transitory then why not enjhoy every bit of it instead of cribbing over fleeting nature of happiness. Cherish what all you get from this life. Live it Like it's your last day! Be it light, friendships, love, relations, virtue , and so on are momentary. they flee your abode so just like flowers bloom till the day you are alive and spread warmth of love and smiles across the world.

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