Monday, April 13, 2009

No More Woman Are Annonymous

"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." 


Since ages we have been witnessing a strong debate going on in between people of both the predominant genders of the society- male and female. Females had been given backseat whenever there were talks on issues excluding household sphere. The social scene has considerably changed over the past few decades and women have shown themselves as stronger as their male counterparts in all walks of human life.


There is not even a single field where women have not excelled and reached the top position.

Lots of buzz is being heard nowadays about strong women. Who exactly is portrayed as a strong woman-woman; the one who has achieved academic brilliance or the one who has defeated her opponent in some professional sphere? The fact is that woman who managed her personal, professional and family life with utmost care and achieving harmony in all her works.

Achieving balance and harmony in between public and personal lie at the same time is something too difficult for a human being. A woman as the word itself is suggestive of has varied roles to play in life including of daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother, and all these combined makes her into a complete woman under whose administration whole house is maintained.

In present day contemporary society men have also stated taking interest in feminine household spheres making it as a collective effort of husband and wife to carry forward the cart of their beautiful life together. So, it has become all the more competitive for women to be at her best in both the household and professional chores.

Strong woman is educated who knows pros and cons of everything which are  necessary for eking out life, growing her children, and taking care of her husband and household. She is the one who has her own personal views on every subject and can contribute a helping hand to every one around her. She is teacher, nurturer, caretaker, and efficient manager. Though, not that strong physically as compared to man still she is potent enough emotionally to carry out the biggest decisions of life in which often men flinches. She is daring and dauntless. No hoax ideas and allurements can deter her from right path. No more she is a delicate doll to be kept in glass palace and cared for by trail of maids. She is smart, active, determined, and self willed.

When time and situation demands she can be a ruler with strong head and self confidence. She can infuse vigor and inspire young minds to achieve brilliance in their life. Nature has made her weak in body but her mind is endowed with seeds of intellect which she sows in the minds of her children and encourages them towards brighter future.

It's only women who can dare step in front of all calamities that befalls on her children and family. Howsoever overworked, she still gets time out for her family because it's she who is needed to take care of home at the end of day. I don't say that men are not efficient but woman are much more comparatively. It's woman who can bear all pains and still smile at the creation of God.

No more she is only for hearth as Tennyson stated somewhere in his works. Women have skyrocketed their life, career, and status in the hierarchy of human life. They are pilots, scientists, philosopher, poets, artists, doctors, teachers, novelists, engineers, and at the end of every working day still a woman with heart of mother and dutiful wife. Isn't she strong?

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