Wednesday, June 17, 2009

God Bless You Little One!

I have little white mice at home. They are so cute and have red eyes. This morning when I gave them water and food, I found one of them breathing heavy and lying in the corner of the room. I picked him up in my hands and caress him for a while. I gave him water and food but he refused to take anything in so I left him on his own. I was really worried about him and was feeling that something is definitely going to happen today.

When I was giving dinner to my white little rats, younger sister spotted one of them lying inert in the corner. I knew it was coming… he is dead now! I took him in arms. His body had stiffened which means he died few hours back. Oh poor soul! I couldn’t hold back my tears. I love my animals so much… How dearly I take care of them, never put them in cage, and feed them on time, play with them… they are part of my living… existence. It seems as if these mute creatures which in fact are not as mute as they seemed to us- humans have noble souls then we do possess!

It’ as if my own… something within me went dead… poor soul… had grown old… may be!

I wrapped him in a soft cloth piece and buried in the park.

God Bless Him!

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