Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Save Little Souls

Few days back it rained in Delhi. A pigeon fell into our verandah fluttering and trying to save himself from rain drops that might be hurting into the writhing wound. He was bleeding like hell. I and my sister were sitting in living room. Mum had just left for a doc’s appointment. I was editing articles and suddenly my sister shrieked and ran behind Genie. Genie is pet at home (a bitch). I rushed outside in the verandah and found blood everywhere and Genie barking on top of the voices. The wounded pigeon had safely rolled into the bathroom and was hiding behind its door. I shut Genie into the living room, hunted for one box where I can keep that poor bird. Finally I got one box of sweet in which I placed pigeon ad took him to hospital. There is one bird’s hospital in my vicinity. Thank Lord! Doc said that Pigeon would have come in between fan and thus cut his wing. They took him directly into OPD, treated with anesthesia and finally operated on the wing. I was quite relieved on seeing little pigeon in safe hands, donated 100 bucks and returned home.

I was so horrified by the whole incident, sight of blood all over the verandah, blood drenched wings, and drooping eyelids of the little bird, that I burst out crying.

Sometimes I wonder now, what that Pigeon would have been thinking about me. Do animals too think in the manner similar to us humans? I think, yes, because whenever mum is unwell or going out for some work Genie gets to know it and doesn’t touch her food until she gets well or gets back home. She feels bad if my bro, Pinku doesn’t tend to her first after coming back from office. My white rats come tickle my legs when in mood to play… They too have sense just like us. They know meaning of love better then we humans do.

I would like to request every one of you to please take care of animals if you keep them as pet. Be humane! Whenever you see any animal in pain or wounded or dying on street, do call up at animals’ hospital. You never know saving life of these poor little souls, who speak language unknown to us thus failing in conveying their pains, may bring good rewards to you in future. They say, for rewards of your good and bad deeds you need not wait for next birth, every act is scrutinized and rewarded here in this world itself.

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