Friday, June 19, 2009

When Do I begin...rather how to...?

I have a separate folder on my desktop where in I keep all those blog-drafts-to-be-posted-soon. But, this ’soon’ never comes instead it becomes ‘delayed-forgotten’

Some of the blogs that really needs outright attention from me are:

Books on my shelf

Do you read?

Novel review: To Kill A Mockingbird

Movie Review: Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi

Movie Review: Frida

Movie Review: Amelia

A Day In Rain!

I don’t know what stops me from writing these days. I have stopped taking interest in my work as if some kind of saturation has achieved and I need something new, something that can stimulate my senses. I hate being lethargic, never ever sluggish attitude has crept its way in my life. Though, I don’t do a serious blogging, I don’t write fiction, and even I don’t really write flawlessly yet, I have been told by more than ten of my acquaintances to begin serious fiction writing. Wonder what they see in me, lol!

I feel a if there is some kind of stimulus is required. I need a kick start, I know, once I’ll have that there will be no stopping me. I am stupefied looking for a beginning!

To write a story, you need to have one with you! Is it true? Ah! I feel stories are a part of our living and non-living self. They have always been and will always be, it’s just required to catch your trope and once you have recognized yours, there will be a story by you.

Lord! How to begin writing? Do guide me please!

I always wanted to be a writer, but not the kind of one which I am now- a content writer, :(( Clients say you present thoughts in a way too brilliant! I really want to retort back, oh that’s not for you, this skill is for my brilliant writing career…but, but, but where the hell the way to it is? I’m exasperated!

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