Friday, July 31, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder What All I Miss

There are moments in your life when you really want to feel special… good actually! Not on your birthday, award winning day or on the day which has something special related to you or your life but this can be any day with no meaning attached to it, with no special remembrance associated with it.

I, often feel that there is something missing in my life. I keep denying the truth that I don’t know what is it that gnaws at me all the time, and what all I want. I know, it’s that spark, it’s that sensuality, it’s that zeal, youth, playfulness, innocence, and love which is missing from my life. I yearn and yearn… I wait and wait, that there will be a day when something peppy, something which will sweep me off my feet will happen. Something that will tantalize my senses, that will make my head spin and make me lose my senses completely and let me go lose in the arms of passion will happen. Alas, nothing of the sort happens! Seems, I should accept- do not see dreams with eyes wide open, they break….

I want each day of my life filled with colors… aah don’t call them colors- rather hues of pink, orange, wine, mauve, crimson, luscious yellow that can melt my whole self into them and infuse me with passion so crystalline, so intense, so heart rendering that….

I need hues of pink to feel my smile spread on your lips

I need hues of red to feel myself melting in you

I had a vision…..

There is blue everywhere, I can see some flames right in the middle where mosaic of lights are seen. Vision where red and orange and yellow intertwined with wine and mauve and pink seemed as if vines are twined on each other’s skin and slipping in vein similar to merging of two fluids in one…. Two bodies into one….

Vision or dream?

I miss a touch, I miss a peck on cheeks, I miss a playful tease, I miss a flirtatious smile, I miss a silent request to stay some more, I miss those evening walks, I miss late comings, I miss sorry face, I miss a amour look, I miss those warm hugs, I miss annoyance on being shopaholic, I miss playing tantrums, I miss being coquettish, I miss being seductive, I miss holding hands, I miss dancing through nights…… I miss so much though I haven’t had any of these yet I miss…

I wish I could have been some young maiden of fifteen century England and wooed by some poet-courtier or be a lady love of some sailor who is coming triumphed back to English shores with huge pile of jewels of orient for me…. :)

I have my Sailor-Sindbad The Sailor. He brings no Jewels from Orient, no precious dreams yet He is so precious and loved that seems I have become that mermaid who every night comes on the shore from the depths of blue and sings a beautiful song in his remembrance and waits for his last coming...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Do I Make My Laptop Run Faster?

Are you on the verge of getting insane just because your notebook takes huge t6ime process commands? Have you been haranguing your co-worker asking time and again, ‘how do I make my laptop run faster?’ This will estrange your friends away from you. The prime reason behind this issue is that there is no external processor power supply with laptop computer which is available with desktop. This tends to slow down the processing of system.

Now, before you present your query, ‘how do I make my laptop run faster’ it is essential to understand the factors that leads to slow down of speed.

Slow speed can be due to the excessive heating of the machine. This leads processor to slow down its activity in processing the functions and commands. In order to combat this problem, it is advisable to keep your notebook on some solid surface where rubber padding underneath laptop can raise it off the surface and let the air pass.

You must be thinking your query, ‘how do I make my laptop run faster’ is rendered futile and there isn’t anything else left to know to speed up your computer. If this is the case, then you are mistaken. We have just probed into one of the cause and let’s find out the main issues pertaining to the slow down problem.

ü You need to run disk defragmentation periodically. This will help in contouring all the files, data, and information stored up in system around the hard drive. This helps in reducing the time spent in gathering information and thereby lets your notebook run faster. This function can be carried out manually and even by setting it to automatic.

ü Cleaning Windows registry in your system would be of great help. This is the most crucial zone of computer which offers a spine to your system. It becomes necessary to clean up registry on regular basis. There is no such mechanism which cannot clean registry internally, thus errors creeps in unvouched for. Consequently, you have to face severe drawbacks including slow speed, abrupt shut down, and slow start up. Download and install efficient registry cleaner to keep your system working in good condition.

ü When you install and download a new software program, it asks for quick launch icon to be set up on your system. These icons consume huge time during start up thus slowing down the speed of notebook.

No more you need to nag anybody around you with ‘how do I make my laptop run faster’ as you have solution right on your screen.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shopping For Wedding Begins Finally!

Off late nothing, but now got something to bugger you up! Well, was quite busy in shopping and making lists which is yet not over. Aah, how cumbersome is the task of making shopping list for wedding and when it is your own wedding then the task becomes all the more crucial and important.

How strange it is when a girl gets married she has to buy everything right from a needle to furniture. Last week went down to Home Store in Pacific Mall, Kaushambi, to check latest furniture designs and get the estimate.

Now, leave July, four more months to go for my wedding. Lord, I have to do lots of shopping, arrangements, packing and blah blah blah….

Went to Nalli Silk Sari Store in Connaught Place; I was dumbstruck with the wide assortment of silk variations and designs. Ranging from lacs to thousands, there seems to be no end to designs, patterns, and variety of silk. Tassar Silk, Kota silk, Banarsi, chanderi, and on and on…

It was around 5:30 PM on Saturday July 18 2009 when we were in Connaught Place (henceforth CP) hunting for good stilettos when suddenly huge crowd hustled around the Levi’s Store. My friend, Amit asked police and found out that a bomb is planted in the Palika Bazar. Palika was evacuated in few minutes and the whole park over Palika and parking along with the base met Bazaar was sealed and police was posted at strategic points. Bomb was found out around 6-6:30 PM and diffused successfully.

Not even a single news channel broadcasted/telecasted the incident. Not even a slight stir… weird

Bought two Silk saris- one is of golden color and the other is of sky blue.

Now see the shift

I was talking about shopping trip then suddenly narrated bomb incident and then again swiftly I retraced my steps back to shopping details…

What did you get?

This is LIFE… Life in Delhi,-completely different from any other city of India. Everything, almost every disaster struck the capital city with same force as it does to other places yet life here has beaten hell out of every human that nothing troubles them now. Incidents takes place and gets removed from the memory after few hours. Only those who have suffered personal loss wail… only for hours very few…

Delhi- The most expensive city

Delhites- Excessively Spendthrifts

Every second person in Delhi is deep down in the debts yet he is out on streets and bazaars

With every passing day, capital is flooding with humans when the most desired wish is to have rain- good rain…

Believe me it’s not only the case of Delhi, but everywhere. We humans are the main cause of pollution, choking up of fresh water resources, poisoning life giving air, degradation of ecosystem overall.

Do I need to mention what all can be done and by every single individual to make life and living better?

Kehte hain

“bund bund se ghada bharta hai”

Every single drop makes an ocean…. Then, why not every one of us contributes? Even a small effort from our side can make a difference- be it a smallest one but it will be. Isn’t it?

Oh, I need to make a list…. See You Later… J

Hey, by the way please drop in some suggestion for shopping if possible… will catch ‘em …