Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Like That (JLT)!

Toughest of the trial, one has to undergo is to be honest. Honest, not only to people out there staring at you but to yourself too. Every one of us knows, practically, it is important to be true to oneself and we are at least, somehow following this. But, isn’t it a way too difficult task? I mean, just think, there may be so many issues in our life which we do not even feel like remembering, so instead of confessing them direct , we tend to distort the truth of the situation and take up a role of an outsider and narrate in the way that suits us and get rid of guilty pangs.

Even, I had never always been even true to myself. I lie to myself or say, despite knowing the fact in its minutest details, I still, distract it. I distort it to the verge of getting extinct. I don’t speak truth which is not desirable to me too. I hide ugliness of the events because I hate what all is despicable-not desirable. I will commit mistakes after mistakes, and confess of those in a manner which is likeable to me. What, at most I care is, my view point on myself. What I consider most is my feelings.

How terrible will be the moment when I have to face my own ugliness. Somewhere, deep down in the recesses of my being, it irks me to say that something which is not-good-to-look-at I don’t like.

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