Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How I wish To Wish For A Wish- What Wish?

How I wish to fly high in the sky only if I would have those beautiful wings. I want to reach high above in the heaven where maker of this world of human kind is. I have so many questions to be answered by Him. I have many issues to fight over and the most important one is why He inflicts pain to us when we are His own children. How can one hurt their own creation? When we create something we take utmost care of it, safeguard it against all odds and destructive powers then why we human His own creation is so troubled and wreathing in pain? Why all these tests and tribulations in living life?
Every year I ask Him to grant me a peaceful life then why He never listens to me? I never trouble anybody; I have always been kind to not only to animated but inanimate objects as well. I have never done wrong to anyone and if ever I did then I repented for the same and had incurred hell like tribulations. Almost daily I wake up with a hope that things will change today, there will be no more fights- fights in between mom n dad, fight with economic crisis, fight with my own troubling self, and fight with opposing views. Man! I need a break! It's been long 10 years and I have never been out of my town, I'm here only stuck in labyrinth of my unrequited desires and lost dreams.
Dreams- they never get fulfilled. I have advised myself thousand times not to see any more still this heart seems to have no bound in dreaming-keeps fantasizing a life that will never come my way. At times i no longer want to live but this wish too is not in my hand. Death never comes invited!
Why I'm such a tortuous soul?