Sunday, January 11, 2009

Writing Keeps Me In Touch With Myself

Nice place to pen down your deepest thoughts in an utterly brilliant fashion. As I perceived Blogs spares you from all those silly hidings of personal diaries so that somebody at home doesn't get to know what all you are up to. Blog rolls are kind of diaries that you maintain to register your daily journals and thoughts that keeps streaming in you mind's alley or gully. When I first embarked on this Blog writing venture, the very first thought that came up was -is it really good way to express your inner most feelings and give vent to your tired, exhausted, scorched, irritated, and what nots soul? I'm still not answered back! Anyway this doesn't even really bother me much. Now, I'm here so got to fill it with some beautiful thoughts. Definitely, you do not indulge in niceties always so you may find some Grey matters as well.
Apart from personal vent it's a platform that helps you giving expression to your thoughts on myriad subjects and get in touch with people of like mind. Comments posted by readers from places lets you know what is good and bad in your writing. Blog as I understand is a sort of interactive interface where you can be anonymous and still express your thoughts with no fear of being debarred.
Earlier posts were just for me, I communed with my inner self and Lord above; I still do same but now someone out there can also co-relate to the situation. Words are somewhat welcoming not like turning into some dark recesses as they did earlier.
I don't know how I write good or bad or average, but I write because writing is like lifeblood for me. I write and converse with myself, to keep myself breathing. I don't recognize people in outer world as I do to myself. I only know one entity and that's me. When I write, when I look into mirror I exclaim “Oh Lord thank you very much there is one soul in this world who knows me perfectly and understand me the way I am.

I want to go on reading and scribbling and talking to people from different backgrounds and cultures. I want to know what others think on this or that issue. This way I explore this invincible "Self" that's a big mystery to me. I have always believed that real knowledge lies in exploring the world and subjects it withholds.

Whatever have been the circumstances in my life, I scribbled every pain, I gave words to every smile, every wink I did so that the moment I experienced some emotion may not get lost in oblivion. Definitely not a good writer, merely a scribbler still I have words. I have thoughts that I try my level best to pen down.

Writing keeps me sane all the way long. It keeps me on track and keeps reminding me life without scars isn't life honey. So bear with it and try to live. Look at people below you and not above you then you will realize that just a hint of adversity has struck you and there are people who have been surviving through worst of the situations you could have ever imagined of.

So, I say Life has always been interesting to me and I just love to live!

I have been surfing through net to get some good info on what writing does to your personality and came across this. I would like my fellow bloggers to read this page carefully. It is brilliant piece!

Expressionless Expressions

I have always found myself lost in eternal silence as if some silence enwraps me in its dark shawl and lulls me to waking sleep when i can hear and see everything still impotent to react. Whenever there is n urge to express myself out, it seems as if words verbalized or scribbled by me never reaches the audience jotted on paper or this blog instead these are, as if pushed out of my soul-from my inner recesses. And, these very words that have been forced out of me to speak my heart out hang still in air with number of dotted lines trailing after them.
I often try to write but 'm not musical...But, is it necessary to have any song of yours or there is already as song within every one of us and 'm unable to hum one tuned in my soul?

Self Analysis-Be Informed About Your Own Self!

Whatsoever affectations you put on but you have to be true to your own self. Whatever be the circumstances you cannot or rather say must not lie to yourself. Conscience takes atoll on your life is it happens.
Once in a while I ask myself, probe my conscious mind for whatever I am doing or saying so that I can keep check on flow of words and development of thoughts in my mindscape... I personally feel that it is good to do self analysis as it helps you find out answers to number of questions that keeps boggling our mind whole day out. It's rightly said that - to every question we are the only answers, everything is in us. We humans are the self sufficient beings. We have everything including nature within us so why seek answers out. Just a little digging in the conscience and subconscious mind and lo there you are with the shocking reply. You will be amazed not at the answer to your question but at the fact that the solution of your problem was already with you, residing in your depths.

Self-analysis is kind of healthy relationship in between your mind and heart;in between your external and internal self.