Monday, January 12, 2009

Answer Of Every Riddle Is In The Middle

What I am, I don’t look like

And what I look like, I am not

I’m crazy, but I am not

I’m insane, I am not

I’m bold, I am not

I’m extrovert, I am not

I’m introvert, I am not

I’m playful, I am not

I’m saintly, I am not

I’m serious, how can you say that?

Enigma, Insomniac, Dreamer

I need something that can intoxicate me; Sense of intoxication itself liberates my senses. When I am intoxicated when I am not in senses…I am very much in senses and control of my thoughts.

You fired my imagination

You walk into me unbarred

You sleep within me untouched

You dance within me unperturbed

You drink my soul- Who You are?

You are the music flowing in each & every fiber of My being!