Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to know what I am?

A girl with vast pool of knowledge imbued in her little frame, with ideas rebel-l-ish, Duh! “She is an anarchist!”- I have started loving this remark now.
I love collecting books, trying new dresses, hats, handbags,crockery, paper bags
I have myriad of interests right from performing arts to penning thoughts down on paper & e-paper. I have a perfect life with lots of twists & turns that ensures and further strengthens my belief that I’m going to be a very famous writer since all literati had controversial life. May God Bless me too with Vicissitudes of adjusting with common folks and be a nerd so that I may call myself as one of the herd (Renaissance girl, Neo-classicist, romantic, or Modern). Amen!
I want to read something about myself. May be this post will suffice me... I asked Deepak to write something about me, he says, "i cannot express my thoughts well."
I asked Rakhi (Nanny), I'm yet waiting.

Blogging maketh a writer!

Blogging, It has become one of the most popular phenomenon- kind of rage amongst the herd of fellow human. almost every third person has a personal blog and claims to be a Writer. Times changes like anything . Man! there was time when writers were too poor to sustain their life and present day so-called writers have great bucks flowing into their pockets. They have the most lavish lifestyle with favorites amongst some of the expensive dining places in the city.

Earlier, it was too easy to spot a writer from the group of common people. He/ she was the most elegantly lost personality. Some of the identifying features of a writer- someone in shabby cloths, unruly hair, brooding countenance, self-absorbed and already-lost kind of expression breathed out by his whole self. And, today’s modern writer has already shorn-ed off poor chap ‘Paper’ and picked up digital notebooks which they carry along projecting their sophisticated image. To me it seems as if some donkey laden with useless baggage is coming along trotting the path.

I’m seriously glad still there are few people who loves reading writings on paper instead of this 12”,14” or what not inches screen.

Bah! see the way I’m trying to play on the emotions of bloggers worldwide ridiculing them for not preferring paper made books when myself I’m blogging from past one year and piling lots of silly stuff on web.