Thursday, February 26, 2009

Frustration Over Sad Plight Of Beloved Delhi

Almost every second person around or amidst us loves imagining a world too different from the one inhabited. Isn’t it? Yes, we all are victims of this social phenomenon where we are too stuck up with our daily chores, careers, education, and socializing that we don’t get enough space to relax back. Apart from this our work and progress has contributed to a world where there is no more a place to get solace from. What to do in such claustrophobic world where you have no air to breathe in. We are just being choked with emissions of various poisonous gases. Do you really think we are progressing? I personally feel that we are collecting the paraphernalia of our own destruction and one day we will shoot ourselves dead on the heap of all progressive waste.

Delhi, the capital of India, everyday bears some kind of digging. Digging streets all over the city and installing flyovers everywhere on the pretext of reducing the traffic ratio. Why don’t they understand that it’s their flyover constructing plan is the medium of getting more and more traffic into the city. How can you harbor a silliest notion like this in your mind? This is what caretakers of Delhi- the hub of India are doing. God, I just keep wondering what the hell these people are up to. You just feel like a lost being in your own home. It seems as if you need some kind of map or rather some location finder to get to destination. No wonder you go out shopping and lost way back home as some new digging has already begun and you have long trail of barricades with message- “Diversion-Work Is In Progress.”

Connaught Place, ITO Bridge, Pushta Road, Peera Garhi Chowk, and so on phew list is too long to be surmised on my blog. Everywhere construction, dust, machineries, and road rollers! The fact is we are not making a nicer Delhi- We are losing ourselves in the name of one thing or the other everyday. And, government has its own views- they feel they are preparing Delhi for an international event. As per their plan we need to look at the bigger picture-The high-tech and the marvelously advanced Delhi. What a beautiful city it used to be once and now it’s just heap of dust. I bet if you will go for vacation and come back after a week or so you will be amazed at the pace of constructional changes that takes place here.

I went to CP today and it took almost an hour or may be more than that to reach ITO Bridge. Now, To reach ITO bridge you have to take left (in the direction of Noida route) and then take U turn underneath flyover for Noida and take hellish turn to get on to Ito bridge. Site where there used to be Yamuna once is now all dug up and some Metro construction is going on. The plight is that Government is working towards expanding Metro Rail Network and connect whole of the Delhi and NCR but they have neglected the security, maintenance, and cleanliness in the rail. Crowd from UP, Haryana, and border areas definitely have got way into the Metro commuting but what of order it has gone and nowadays metro looks like a “Blueline Bus.” There are so called barricaded placed on platforms so that passengers can stand in queue and let passengers inside metro alight first. But, as soon as train arrives and doors gets opened, goddamn to the queue people don’t even care while pushing an old woman or stepping over the feet of a kid just to get hold of a convenient place to stand or a seat.

There was a ruckus that when there will be metro need for bus will be done with. Forget about getting away with buses, new buses are getting launched. Traffic seems to have no end-it’s increasing at rapid pace with no bounds at all.

Those ridiculous guards and lady police posted at Metro station to check bags and passengers keep gossiping leaving their posts vacant for long time. They check just for the sake of checking. Don’t even have time to check properly. And, then common man has to suffer the consequences of such neglect in duties.

I just feel so sorry that to what state Yamuna has been degraded to. The law prohibiting to Polythene usage had been issued two years back and yet nobody gives a ear to it. Now, after such a long time, when whole of the river has dried and choked up with Polythene waste shopkeepers have placed a kind of paper notice “Please do bring your shopping bags from home."

Where the hell are those good-for-nothing environmentalists who keep boasting off their noble missions in press and have no time to turn up when Yamuna is on the verge of extinction? When a resident applies to cut a tree outside his home as its branches gets ripped off taking their house's roof down then these forest department people come up sating you will be fined for cutting trees and where they are now when whole of the land is being raped by some preposterous automatons almost every second. Yes, we humans are biggest of vermin who marauds the land which gives us a firm standing. We rape it and keep digging into it further and further just for the sake of singing our false pride  of being called as - "Advanced Nation."

I'm seriously upset with the condition of this beautiful City Delhi. :( Trying to construct commonwealth games village in Delhi and that too at the cost of the life of the city! And, Do you know what's the life of the city or rather say what used to be its life-open spaces, Yamuna River, broad GT Road, Cultural Heritage sites and all of these seems to be shunned and deteriorated under the debris of modern developmental technology and erratic & mercurial policies of Indian Government.