Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Happy Holi !!!


May you have blessed life full of brilliant fragrance and hues of Gulaal


Year after year
purity of fire
is challenged by evil, 
appeased with offerings

A full moon looks on
as winds stoke embers, 
flare flames
to a flickering dance

Right in the center
of crimson blaze
sits Holika, 
Prahlad in her lap -
her arms a circle of heat

White sparks fly from her hair, 
eyes smolder in fury; 
her mouth sucks in air, 
engulfs rice and wheat

Wood chars, 
coconuts splinter, 
flowers singe
smearing earth with ash. 

Year after year
faith survives. 
Holika burns to death.



Loads Of Love

Deepak & Prachi