Friday, March 13, 2009

New Blog Template


Once again, I have changed template of my blog. There are two reasons behind it

  1. I was fed up of it and I felt as if its look makes me sulk. I live words, words I speak or write. And, when the portal or notebook on which I spill my words in the form of broken trails of thoughts makes me feel sullen then how can I breathe fresh?
  2. My Friend, Rakhi was not able to access my blog from her place and how could I stand this.

So, I changed the template.

It takes lots of mind boggling and brain wrecking search on Internet to get a good but free blog template. I'm working hard these days so that i can save some for getting a personal blog template designed. Long way to go! 

How do you find this template? Does it suit my blog? Let me know!