Monday, April 13, 2009

No More Woman Are Annonymous

"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." 


Since ages we have been witnessing a strong debate going on in between people of both the predominant genders of the society- male and female. Females had been given backseat whenever there were talks on issues excluding household sphere. The social scene has considerably changed over the past few decades and women have shown themselves as stronger as their male counterparts in all walks of human life.


There is not even a single field where women have not excelled and reached the top position.

Lots of buzz is being heard nowadays about strong women. Who exactly is portrayed as a strong woman-woman; the one who has achieved academic brilliance or the one who has defeated her opponent in some professional sphere? The fact is that woman who managed her personal, professional and family life with utmost care and achieving harmony in all her works.

Achieving balance and harmony in between public and personal lie at the same time is something too difficult for a human being. A woman as the word itself is suggestive of has varied roles to play in life including of daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother, and all these combined makes her into a complete woman under whose administration whole house is maintained.

In present day contemporary society men have also stated taking interest in feminine household spheres making it as a collective effort of husband and wife to carry forward the cart of their beautiful life together. So, it has become all the more competitive for women to be at her best in both the household and professional chores.

Strong woman is educated who knows pros and cons of everything which are  necessary for eking out life, growing her children, and taking care of her husband and household. She is the one who has her own personal views on every subject and can contribute a helping hand to every one around her. She is teacher, nurturer, caretaker, and efficient manager. Though, not that strong physically as compared to man still she is potent enough emotionally to carry out the biggest decisions of life in which often men flinches. She is daring and dauntless. No hoax ideas and allurements can deter her from right path. No more she is a delicate doll to be kept in glass palace and cared for by trail of maids. She is smart, active, determined, and self willed.

When time and situation demands she can be a ruler with strong head and self confidence. She can infuse vigor and inspire young minds to achieve brilliance in their life. Nature has made her weak in body but her mind is endowed with seeds of intellect which she sows in the minds of her children and encourages them towards brighter future.

It's only women who can dare step in front of all calamities that befalls on her children and family. Howsoever overworked, she still gets time out for her family because it's she who is needed to take care of home at the end of day. I don't say that men are not efficient but woman are much more comparatively. It's woman who can bear all pains and still smile at the creation of God.

No more she is only for hearth as Tennyson stated somewhere in his works. Women have skyrocketed their life, career, and status in the hierarchy of human life. They are pilots, scientists, philosopher, poets, artists, doctors, teachers, novelists, engineers, and at the end of every working day still a woman with heart of mother and dutiful wife. Isn't she strong?

Nicky- Pinku

Mum says I begin talking and walking when I was barely 9 month’s old baby. As per her memory chips and tit-bits of family kith and kin, I was a big chatter box and used to make lots of friends. Neighboring aunties, uncle who was more a housewife then a husband, college students, labors in my Dad’s factory, and oldies were the top names.

I can recall the incident in a too vivid sense. There was an uncle who was a next door neighbor to us. Every Sunday he used to bring out his Iron board in verandah and iron all the cloths right from his office uniform to kids to saris of his wife. And, I used to drape myself in a small blanket and climb the cement slab joining their and our house’s wall and ask him same question every Sunday- “Uncle, aap ghar ke sare kaam karte ho, mere papa toh nahin karte toh aap kyun karte ho, Aunty ki sari press ho gayi?” “ Mere Papa toh koi kaam nahin karte, fir aap kyun karte ho?” He used to give me such a forced smile with annoyance! Lol! What a naughty kid I was.

My mum recalls an incident-once I was down in fever and didn’t go out to play. I was about 1 year old and we were in Udaipur (Rajasthan). For almost two days I was bed-ridden and didn’t utter a sound. She says almost 50-100 people came and inquired what happened to Nicky, how is she, why she didn’t come to park and blah blah blah! My mum was so terribly shocked to see such a long array of friends. There were spome school students, their mothers, old grand pas, aunties, doodhwala, kaamwalis, watchmen, landlord’s wife and her children, fellow tenants. Wow! What a celebrity I was in those early years of my life.

Once Me and my brother (a year younger than me) went to mother dairy to bring milk packets as usual. This incident happened in Bhilwara(Rajasthan). There was a bull standing on the roadside. I quipped, “It’s a bull!” to this my brother retorted confidently, “tu pagal hai, yeh gai (cow) hai, gai hamari mata hai.” Let me tell you this intellectual conversation was taking place in between me, 6 years old and my brother 5. I said, “OK” with some consideration, “Pull its tail if it is a cow.” My brother was over confident, and he pulled its tail and it turned, grunted, and looked at us fiercely. Rest is a story I still keep singing of…  Nicky-Pinku aage aage sand piche piche…! Finally we took refuge back in dairy premises.

Birthdays- are those days of our life (me and my bro) when we used to get good dose of thrashing from mum and that too at late night. We are three siblings and the youngest is my little sister Divya, jitni choti utni khoti types. On her first Birthday, I and my brother called a meeting under the guava tree in our backyard. We sat there for long time and decided that her first birthday calls for a party indeed. So, early morning of 14th August we both after having bath, and dressed up cool, we set off for our mission. We went to our entire friend’s house and asked them bring gifts for our younger sister. When mum came back from school, she was the principal in Central Academy, Bhilwara along with one of her teacher- friend, on seeing little kiddies flocking here and there in home got shocked. She headed to market brought all cakes, biscuits, snacks, and gave good treat to all kids invited by us. Once everyone went back to their home, then the real party begins. I and my brother got a huge birthday bash (beating) on our little sister’s birthday.

Now, as we have grown up Birthday bashes still continues for Pinku especially. I’m spared now. He is the only son so Mum is little superstitious and doesn’t allow him go out on his B’Day and he, of course fights back. Argumentations leads to, him getting hard slap on his cheek! He gets mad , cries, and then mum weeps for hitting him and then finally both of them makes up with each other and he in turn gets extra money for B’day party as he is being slapped so kid of ‘harzana’ she pays to her darling son.