Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life Is Like That...

Often I think what is making me feel queer. And, then one day I probed myself so much so that some being from within my shell yelled aloud,” let me have a breath for a while” and, I found the answer to the most puzzled riddle of my life at present.

I am full of vigor, new dreams, wishes, and impregnated with thoughts of new life ahead and He is too entwined in the labyrinth of his worldly life. No offense!

It’s just that I searched and searched a lot and then came across some appropriate images to show what exactly is happening in life these days…

This is how I feel these days


And this is him, always running short of time

He lives life as if a baggage full of responsibilities; I don’t like him losing his life striving the way he is; I just hope that he may not have to regret in future over the way he is leading his life today.

Life is so beautiful a gift and especially for humans who have been endowed with gift of language and reason, why on earth then we humans do not understand and waste it. Live it, enjoy it, cherish it….do not make it feel like a burden to you.