Saturday, June 6, 2009

Art Of Conversation

There needs to be someone who can listen to us while we are in conflict with ourselves. It’s very important to have a friend, a confidante, who can listen to us endlessly and let us open up the way we can never in front of the crude world out there. If you won’t speak you will be consumed by your own thoughts. This is the tendency of the human mind i.e. to engulf its own entity. Wait, this doesn’t mean that you can shoot the way you want to. You must have good conversational skills so that your listeners may not have to strain themselves to comprehend meaning of your talk.

There is a huge assortment of human species around the globe. Some of them have galleons full of words to shoot, some have thought provoking words but do not possess good conversational skills to communicate their message, and often you will come across few blabber mouths who speak without knowing the purport of those words and consequences that commence forth.

People who think more and speak less are dangerous for their own self. No other foe is required when the most lethal weapon to their identity is they themselves. The very idea of living a secluded life seems phony to me. It seems as if you are trying to act in a manner that is opposite to nature. You are human and you need to be in sync with human world and nature. Why need seclusion and isolation when you are born as a man, to live amongst men and then die amidst them! You didn’t come on your own then why do you think of continuing all alone. It’s not the world and world’s ways that troubles you. It’s you in conflict with your thoughts and actions.

If you do not want to listen to what others say, then don’t listen to them at all. Do whatever you wish and whatever your heart says is right. Wish upon a star and strive hard to get it. However, keep one thing in mind – never do something or utter a word that may make you shun your own gaze. Just make sure at the end of the day you are confident enough to face yourself in the mirror. The day you start avoiding your own gaze it becomes self explanatory that whatever you did was to feed your pride and not because you were right. The question of ethics gets nullified right there.

Speak what you think is appropriate; do not mince words when expressing your views on some issue. Do not get deterred with the idea of being humiliated in front of everyone around. You never know, the fact may be that none standing in front of you as an audience might have someone amidst them. If you are audacious enough to think differently then show it to the world that you have the confidence to speak as well. Don’t sit like a dumb ass that prides in being silent when necessary and keep braying when there isn’t any such requirement of raising voice at all.