Sunday, June 7, 2009


I tripped again! I don't get way out of this world full of shams. In fact I'm the one who is living a phony life which I have always detested. It's always, when you run from something it all the more gets glued to you. I hated regrets in my life like anything and I do so till today. And, I am always bogged down by my regrets on my own steps, my decisions. I always take wrong decisions in life. I don't know how to be practical and when one is not so in contemporary times, you are not apt to be here on this earth. I'm such a loon who doesn't know what to say and when to say.

Or, is it that I am being impatient? Know not what I am doing to myself. Why so irritation?

Devara Dasimayya

If they see

Breasts and long hair coming

They call it woman,

If beard and whiskers

They call it man;

But, look, the self that hovers

In between

Is neither man

Nor woman

O. Ramanatha, Devara Dasimayya

Tr. By A. K. Ramanujan