Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Random Post...( A dozen feats to be accomplished in my tweenhood) Tagged by Rajeev!

I have started loving this tag game. So, Rajeev, it’s for you chap and for those who know me and yet…

Things I dreamt during “tweenage,” to accomplish in my life…

1. Backpacker India trip all alone

2. Become a writer

3. Build a wooden cottage somewhere in Himalayas

4. Have a lover

5. Join Theater

6. Join Violin classes

7. Learn Ballet

8. Learn French

9. Once step up the stage and be acknowledged worldwide

10. Own a library

11. Perform mime

12. Run away from home

13. Visit London and feel the essence of the world of literatis

Now, I tag you all

v Anantpal Saluja

v Ani_aset

v Hemu

v Nanny

v Pranav

v Prasant Naidu

v Preeti Rana

v Prianca

v Priya