Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Do I Make My Laptop Run Faster?

Are you on the verge of getting insane just because your notebook takes huge t6ime process commands? Have you been haranguing your co-worker asking time and again, ‘how do I make my laptop run faster?’ This will estrange your friends away from you. The prime reason behind this issue is that there is no external processor power supply with laptop computer which is available with desktop. This tends to slow down the processing of system.

Now, before you present your query, ‘how do I make my laptop run faster’ it is essential to understand the factors that leads to slow down of speed.

Slow speed can be due to the excessive heating of the machine. This leads processor to slow down its activity in processing the functions and commands. In order to combat this problem, it is advisable to keep your notebook on some solid surface where rubber padding underneath laptop can raise it off the surface and let the air pass.

You must be thinking your query, ‘how do I make my laptop run faster’ is rendered futile and there isn’t anything else left to know to speed up your computer. If this is the case, then you are mistaken. We have just probed into one of the cause and let’s find out the main issues pertaining to the slow down problem.

ü You need to run disk defragmentation periodically. This will help in contouring all the files, data, and information stored up in system around the hard drive. This helps in reducing the time spent in gathering information and thereby lets your notebook run faster. This function can be carried out manually and even by setting it to automatic.

ü Cleaning Windows registry in your system would be of great help. This is the most crucial zone of computer which offers a spine to your system. It becomes necessary to clean up registry on regular basis. There is no such mechanism which cannot clean registry internally, thus errors creeps in unvouched for. Consequently, you have to face severe drawbacks including slow speed, abrupt shut down, and slow start up. Download and install efficient registry cleaner to keep your system working in good condition.

ü When you install and download a new software program, it asks for quick launch icon to be set up on your system. These icons consume huge time during start up thus slowing down the speed of notebook.

No more you need to nag anybody around you with ‘how do I make my laptop run faster’ as you have solution right on your screen.